Lauren, Ashley and myself went to see The Incredibles last night. What a solid flick. Great movie. I can’t really see taking lots of little kids to see it though. Sure they’d be entertained by the “cartoon” aspect of it and the action of course, but most of the dialog, situations, and inside jokes are very adult oriented. I’ve also got to give a hearty huzzah to the director and writer for obviously being an old school comic book and movie fan. Anyone else catch the homage to the forest speeder bike chase from Jedi? Or how about getting Jason Lee to voice the bad guy? Talk about perfect casting. That movie was sweet and seeing as how we went at 10pm on a Sunday, the place was a ghost town AND we got in free, it made it all the better. If you haven’t already seen it, please do so. Your brain will thank you later.

Other than that I just took care of some errands this weekend. I got my Driving Safety Course slip notarized and dropped off at the court house. I’m now off the hook and don’t have that hanging over my head. I also stopped in at EB and made sure my Halo 2 preorder was good to go for the midnight madness sale tonight. I know, I know, as a former EB employee I usually frown on preorders. I always thought it was stupid and since there’s NEVER a “shortage” of video games around I always casually went the next day and picked up whatever video game was coming out at my own convenience, sans the long lines. I figured Halo 2 was different. I also preordered (and preloaded) HL2 in case you care. These two game will be contenders for game of the year on their respective platforms and I didn’t really feel like waiting for either of them. That and I’ve seen the elusive “French” version of Halo 2 loaded on to quite a few modded Xboxes. Its pretty spiffy is all I can tell you.

Thats about it. It’s pretty much been a relaxing sort of weekend. I’ve gotten in a few rounds of Counter-Strike and shook the dust off my spurs as it were. HL2, Halo 2, DoA: Ultimate, Pirates… yeah, it’s going to be a good month.