It was a good weekend.

See great movie – Check!
Play old school video game and feel good about it – Check!
Get out of speeding ticket – Check!

Stand in line at midnight to get my hands on Halo 2. Hella Check! Gotta love it when the receipt says “Time of purchase 00:02”. Yeah baby. I already played through the first level. I’ll put a more serious dent in it tonight.

Which brings me to a question. Any XBox owner out there remember how to force Hi-Res textures? It was something like “hold every button and hit select” or something equally insane. I remember having to do it with Fable and it worked rather well. I also need to remember to display mode on my TV. I usually have it in “Cinema” to play games and watch movies (a darker mode with saturated color) and “Normal” to watch TV. I tired it on “Vivid” last night however and it looked sweet.

Also, big news for you desktop mod fans… oh wait, that’s just me. At any rate, Konfabulator is out for the PC. Its the “widget” program for OSX that every Windows program tries to be. Now we can all share 🙂

Check it out.

Matt out.