45 Minutes of Meat

Subtitle this: Vegans need not apply

I’ll explain the meat in a minute, first let me catch everybody up with the mundane things. This week has been fairly eventful as a whole and thankfully not all of it involves work. I did however have to be in attendance of this years official Miss Houston USA pageant. That was Friday and Saturday. Friday was the longer of the days, starting around 8am and going until nearly 11 at night. There was the usually picture taking of brainless teenage girls that I won’t bore you with details about. That evening around 6pm the preliminary show started. The purpose of which is to narrow the field of 120 contestants to 24 (12 in each category: Miss and Teen). See, they do both the Miss Houston and the Miss Houston Teen pageants at once. Fun abounds, let me tell you. Saturday was slightly more interesting because it was the finals and winners were chosen. Good for them, or something.

Immediately follow the pageant on Saturday I went out to dinner with Lauren and her family to celebrate her Dad’s 50th birthday. He chose a restaurant that is self-described as “Brazilian Rotisserie”. I called it 45 Minutes of Meat. Now, when I say that it might not sound like a lot, probably about the length of an average dinner out. That my friends, those glorious 45 minutes, were a constant and unstoppable flow of meat. The concept is simple. You pay for “dinner” and you get a plate and a peg of wood. The wood is colored green on one side and red on the other. You put it beside your plate. When you have it green side up, every time a waiter comes by they give you a new kind of meat. I ate, in one sitting: prime rib, fillet minion, top round, eye of round, pork loin, BBQ ribs, rotisserie chicken, grilled shrimp, peppered beef and about a half dozen other things my memory is too fuzzy to remember. It was fantastic.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention, they bring the meat to you on swords. Yeah. Wow. My brain shut down after a while in order to concentrate on digestion.

When I awoke from meat filled fantasies it was Sunday and time to go to church for Easter. After which it was time for more meat. Just your traditional Easter ham mind you, but tasty anyway. There were of course the typical side dishes to accompany the ham and so an afternoon was devoted to spending time with family-in-law and eating. We also watched Cheaper by the Dozen at some point too.

Not being satisfied with a mediocre movie, after the family left we put in both Drop Dead Gorgeous and Best In Show. Somehow three mediocre movies, melted together, seem to offer some sort of entertainment value.

Today, being Monday, is my typical day off. My usual Monday is filled with video games and slacking, aka: relaxing. Since my hard drive reformat last week however, none of my games have registry values and/or work correctly. They all need to be reinstalled. I of course either left the disk at work for the games I typically play, or don’t feel like taking the time to uninstall, reinstall and re-patch games that I’ve abandoned in favor of newer. I know, what a tough problem to have.

I can assure you it’s not my only problem. Money is stretched so thin it’s getting emotional for me. I’m considering delivering pizzas at night to get us through. It’s not really good. I don’t really want to get into it though, I’ve been upset about it all day and I really don’t want to dwell on it any more.

Other than that it’s pretty much the same old thing around here. Work, more work, sleep. You get the picture. At some point last week there was supposed to be a review for me at work which should have yielded a raise, it’s been moved to this week. I plan to push the issue a little and get that as soon as possible. Any little bit would help.

Ok, I’m going to try and find a game that both works AND I don’t have to reinstall.

Matt out.

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Weirdest thing

I can’t seem to see this very site. I can’t ping it either. But a trace-route completes successfully and I can physically “see” the domain and I can FTP in. So, there’s nothing wrong with Hindenburg (maybe) and there’s nothing wrong with me and there’s also nothing wrong along the route. Weird. I also can’t see Liquidillusions.net. But I can get to Chocobo and Ckelly and JTN just fine. Tell me that isn’t weird? Any guesses?

I 0wnz j00!

Umm, yeah. Click to make biggie.

PS: that number 3 score, Bossman, that would be my employer. Yeehaw!

Weather is fun!

We have to seek shelter, there’s apparently a nasty tornado-ish storm about 2 miles away. The emergency broadcast system just kicked in. Yeah. Work is gonna be fun today.

6 for 6

Oh, and I’m now 6 for 6 with my winning iTunes Pepsi bottle caps. Oh, and Jason, now I remember what band I was talking about. It wasn’t a new band, it was just a few unreleased Less than Jake acoustic tracks. I was going to burn you a CD and mail it to you. History of a Boring town done with only two acoustic guitars is kinda nifty.