I’ve gotten a few more things out of the way in terms of wedding planning. The rehearsal dinner is booked but with a yet to be determined menu. We chose this nice little Italian place called Cecallas. Just about everything on the menu is tasty. I also got the final measurements for my tux taken care of last night. I’ll be playing the part of Rick from Casablanca in case anyone is curious. That style is called White Shawl Classic and that’s what I’ve booked. My groomsman will be in the Black Shawl equivalent. Same thing, only black.

And, just a little clarity for Chris, who has frighteningly forgotten when the date of the wedding is, it’s the 1st of November. Rehearsal dinner is the night before, the 31st. The rehearsal itself is before the dinner. Bachelor parties AFTER the rehearsal dinner would probably be ill-advised. Which means everyone might want to think about coming in a day early, if schedules permit of course. The only person with an excuse to show up late is Jason since his film will be premiered at a film festival that week. He’ll be flying in on the 31st.

So, the only thing left to confirm is the DJ (which we’ll be doing this week) and getting the invitations back from the printers (should be Monday-ish). That’s it. We’re done. I’ve also got to think up a wedding present for Lauren. I have a sneaking suspicion she’s going to get me digital turntables. Then all I’ll need a new sound card to enjoy them on and a pair of those nifty head-phones Chris has.

Let’s see, what else. I got car insurrance of my own yesterday. State Farm. My premium sucks and will continue to suck until I’m married. Then it only sorta sucks. I also picked up the new CPU Mag, PCGamer and PDN.

Oh yeah, and I’m supposed to be working right now. I’m not. I’m typing this. Paul and Carrie are away for a few days leaving the studio to me. I’m decided it needs a good re-organizing and cleaning. So that’s what I’m doing. It’s a huge studio so it might take a while, so… I should probably get back to work. At least I have to keep me company today.



It seems redundant to mention that for every thing good that happens to you, something of equal or lesser annoyance (or bad luck) will also happen. For example, should you purchase a new car, it will inneviatbly get a cracked windshield from some ass-hat on the highway with a pickup truck full of loose rocks. Yeah. Continuity baby, nothing changes.

On lighter notes, a few random things happened this week that were vaguely interesting. I’ve already mentioned my tux decision (haven’t I?) this week and Monday I’m going to have it fitted. Monday I’m also going to State Farm to get my insurrance paperwork straitened out. It’s going to cost over $1000 to insure my car for 6 months. Lauren’s car, by comparison, costs her $400. I’d also like to mention that I haven’t been in an accident (my fault or otherwise) since that moron crossed the center line and killed my old mazda 3 years ago (enough time for it to come off my insurrance record says the State Farm rep). By comparison, Lauren’s been rear-ended 3 times in 6 months. Yeah… insurrance makes sense. Oh well. No sense in complaining about it today. Especially since my rate drops to somewhere between $750 and $850 once I’m married. So, I’m only paying the higher rate for a month, no biggie.

Also this week was Paul’s (the boss) birthday. His wife bought him and XBox with my help and we got him Halo and Knights of the Old Republic. I also got him a copy of Battlefield 1942 which he is now completely addicted to, in no small way thanks to me. We played Xbox on our digital projector in the studio yesterday. Playing Halo that large on the wall kicked ass. We’re planning on doing it more today.

I’ve also been eating fairly well. Lauren’s taken me out to a ton of really interesting resturants in the area. We’ve also made a few home cooked favorites over the past few weeks. I don’t think I’ve eaten this well in years. Hmm… it’s probably time to start jogging again though.

I’d also like to extend my deepest and warmest thanks to Dunkin Donuts who had the forsight to open a few stores in this very area. It’s making the transition all the easier.

Lastly, I got my order from that contained my “I’m blogging this.” and anti-RIAA t-shirts yesterday. I was pleased. I also put a huge music order into Amazon that I should get some time next week. I’ve been dying for some different music since I’ve been stuck here with only the 6 CDs I brought with me. I ordered the new Green Day CD, the two Deep Dish after club mixes, an old Paul Van Dyk mix CD (X-mix), an older DropKick Murphys cd and a few other things I can’t remember. It should be enough to get me through to whenever I get my stuff back from NH. Which, by the way, I have absolutely no idea how to do. My parents are flying down and so are most of my relatives. As far as I know Chris and Chip are undecided in their travel arrangements and I don’t really have a vacation in the near future that I can use to drive up there and back.

That’s about it. Everyone start getting messure for tuxes and I’ll send you the link and/or phone number to call in your sizes to. That’s something we all need to take care of fairly soon I would suspect.

Alrighty. Back to work for me. Later.

All over the place…

Well, it’s been an interesting week around here and next week will be pretty much the same. Work is, as always, all over the place. I really don’t know whats going on from day to day but I’m getting used to it. Daily we change our schedules and adapt to what needs to be done. It’s a little hectic but it’s fun at the same time. Next week is just jam packed with interesting things. Like a birthday party, an expensive dinner out, a meeting with Lauren’s minister about wedding stuff, etc.

I have been fortunate to squeeze in a little fun here and there. First off, we saw Open Range last night. It was good. You’ll have to like westerns to a)get some of the “in-jokes” and b)actually appreciate the “true grit”. Actually, the movie is quite long and Kevin Costner-ish throughout the first half. The second half is where the true western starts and it all leads up to the coolest gun fight I’ve seen on film since, well, a very long time. Probably the only comparable one I can think of was Tombstone, which, in case you haven’t been paying attention to my screen name for the past 10 years, is one of my all time favorite movies. Whether or not sitting through 2 hours of a Kevin Costner movie just to see a fan-friggin-tastic gun fight is up to you. I was glad I went.

Also, I’ve had a little time to check out some gaming goodness. Luckily my boss is also a video game fan, mostly console games but we won’t hold that against him. We’ve been trading links back and forth on a daily basis on games that we’re excited about. I will now share some of those with you.

First off is XIII, a game I probably mentioned before. It’s a completely cell-shaded 1st person shooter. I got my hands on the demo from FileShack and throughly enjoyed it. Playing a comic book was very fun. It’ll hit shelves in “Fall”. I really hate when they do that. “Fall”, great, I’ll head to the store once the weather gets cold and I’m drinking warm cider. Morons. Seriously though, check out the demo, it’s fun.

I don’t think I even have to mention how excited I am about HalfLife 2 and Halo for the PC. Whoops, just did.

There’s also BF1942: Secret Weapons of WWII which is going to kick some serious butt. I wish more people played it online so I could get in on a large 64 player game.

There’s also the two new Jedi games that I’m pretty excited about. Jedi Academy and Knights of the Old Republic look to be great fun. I know Chris was enjoying KoOR and I’m looking forward to the PC version in a few months. Jedi Academy will just be more light-saber ass-kickin’ just like Jedi Knight. That should make for some good multiplayer.

Once I get everything up and running (apartment and computer wise) we’ll have to setup a multiplayer night and see if we can’t get some long distance, Texas to New England, games going. Should be fun. I’m actually planning on upgrading or if I make enough of a commission off something I just shot, doing a whole new system just for this upcoming gaming season. Lots of interesting games coming out, and a lower-end Athlon and a GeForce 4 just aren’t going to hold up at some point. We’ll see what happens money wise. I certainly wouldn’t expect anything to work out, but on the off chance it does I’ll be building another rig.

Ok, I’m off to do some laundry and have ice cream. Later.

Busy Busy

Damn. I’ve been so busy the past few days that I haven’t had time to post anything more about the car, or anything for that matter. Let’s see, where to start…

It’s a Mazda Protege 5, which for those of you who couldn’t figure it out on you’re own, is the 5 door version of the Protege. Believe it or not my mom actually asked me that, so I figured I’d state the obvious. It’s officially “laser blue” and has the optional “sport package” that includes the allow rims, fog lights, body trim, etc. It’s got a 6 disc in-dash cd changer, 100w sub-woofer in the back, sun/moon roof and “premium” cloth interior, whatever that is. I already love it. It’s my baby.

It’s costing me $200 a month, $50 cheaper than the matrix would have. The only thing I miss is the 120v jack in the dash. Other than that I’d say it’s a better car all around. It’s actually much sportier and more fun to drive. Plus it’s a 5 speed, so it really zooms when need be.

Other than that it’s been 99% work. Every day it’s something new and different. Today we had 2 engagment portraits, tomorrow we’re doing charity work for a catholic school downtown. Things are going pretty well and I’m learning “the buisness” as break-neck speed. I’m not sure all of it is absorbing but there’s not much I can do to slow the pace down at the moment. In a week and a half my boss is going on a mini-vacation so I’ll have time to catch up on office work and re-organize the studio so that I know where everything is. The last assistant they had organized by “crap pile” method so it’s taking me a little while to sort through things. I might not have a clean bedroom in my personal life, but professionally I like to keep everything nice and neat. It makes life so much easier when you’re looking for a sync-cord and can find it on the cord shelf rather than looking through random drawers until you find one.

Personal wise, wedding plans are pushing forward and everything is fine on all fronts. Lauren’s brother leaves for college tomorrow so I won’t have to sleep on the futon any more. Yippee! That’s about it. Besides not having anything in the way of clothes, music, electronics or personal items from NH, life is pretty good. I’m still living out of a suitcase but it’s given me a new perspective on how much I actually need to survive. My conclusion is: practically nothing. Just a pair of sneakers, a clean t-shirt or two and a camera and I’m good to go. Of course life just wouldn’t be completely without Lauren, so we can’t forget her.

Speaking of which, she’s making salsa downstairs, I think I’m going to go have some. Later.

Bada Bing!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to introduce the newest edition to the family.

Nuff said. I’ll update more later. Gotta run.