I’ve gotten a few more things out of the way in terms of wedding planning. The rehearsal dinner is booked but with a yet to be determined menu. We chose this nice little Italian place called Cecallas. Just about everything on the menu is tasty. I also got the final measurements for my tux taken care of last night. I’ll be playing the part of Rick from Casablanca in case anyone is curious. That style is called White Shawl Classic and that’s what I’ve booked. My groomsman will be in the Black Shawl equivalent. Same thing, only black.

And, just a little clarity for Chris, who has frighteningly forgotten when the date of the wedding is, it’s the 1st of November. Rehearsal dinner is the night before, the 31st. The rehearsal itself is before the dinner. Bachelor parties AFTER the rehearsal dinner would probably be ill-advised. Which means everyone might want to think about coming in a day early, if schedules permit of course. The only person with an excuse to show up late is Jason since his film will be premiered at a film festival that week. He’ll be flying in on the 31st.

So, the only thing left to confirm is the DJ (which we’ll be doing this week) and getting the invitations back from the printers (should be Monday-ish). That’s it. We’re done. I’ve also got to think up a wedding present for Lauren. I have a sneaking suspicion she’s going to get me digital turntables. Then all I’ll need a new sound card to enjoy them on and a pair of those nifty head-phones Chris has.

Let’s see, what else. I got car insurrance of my own yesterday. State Farm. My premium sucks and will continue to suck until I’m married. Then it only sorta sucks. I also picked up the new CPU Mag, PCGamer and PDN.

Oh yeah, and I’m supposed to be working right now. I’m not. I’m typing this. Paul and Carrie are away for a few days leaving the studio to me. I’m decided it needs a good re-organizing and cleaning. So that’s what I’m doing. It’s a huge studio so it might take a while, so… I should probably get back to work. At least I have digitallyimported.com to keep me company today.