It seems redundant to mention that for every thing good that happens to you, something of equal or lesser annoyance (or bad luck) will also happen. For example, should you purchase a new car, it will inneviatbly get a cracked windshield from some ass-hat on the highway with a pickup truck full of loose rocks. Yeah. Continuity baby, nothing changes.

On lighter notes, a few random things happened this week that were vaguely interesting. I’ve already mentioned my tux decision (haven’t I?) this week and Monday I’m going to have it fitted. Monday I’m also going to State Farm to get my insurrance paperwork straitened out. It’s going to cost over $1000 to insure my car for 6 months. Lauren’s car, by comparison, costs her $400. I’d also like to mention that I haven’t been in an accident (my fault or otherwise) since that moron crossed the center line and killed my old mazda 3 years ago (enough time for it to come off my insurrance record says the State Farm rep). By comparison, Lauren’s been rear-ended 3 times in 6 months. Yeah… insurrance makes sense. Oh well. No sense in complaining about it today. Especially since my rate drops to somewhere between $750 and $850 once I’m married. So, I’m only paying the higher rate for a month, no biggie.

Also this week was Paul’s (the boss) birthday. His wife bought him and XBox with my help and we got him Halo and Knights of the Old Republic. I also got him a copy of Battlefield 1942 which he is now completely addicted to, in no small way thanks to me. We played Xbox on our digital projector in the studio yesterday. Playing Halo that large on the wall kicked ass. We’re planning on doing it more today.

I’ve also been eating fairly well. Lauren’s taken me out to a ton of really interesting resturants in the area. We’ve also made a few home cooked favorites over the past few weeks. I don’t think I’ve eaten this well in years. Hmm… it’s probably time to start jogging again though.

I’d also like to extend my deepest and warmest thanks to Dunkin Donuts who had the forsight to open a few stores in this very area. It’s making the transition all the easier.

Lastly, I got my order from that contained my “I’m blogging this.” and anti-RIAA t-shirts yesterday. I was pleased. I also put a huge music order into Amazon that I should get some time next week. I’ve been dying for some different music since I’ve been stuck here with only the 6 CDs I brought with me. I ordered the new Green Day CD, the two Deep Dish after club mixes, an old Paul Van Dyk mix CD (X-mix), an older DropKick Murphys cd and a few other things I can’t remember. It should be enough to get me through to whenever I get my stuff back from NH. Which, by the way, I have absolutely no idea how to do. My parents are flying down and so are most of my relatives. As far as I know Chris and Chip are undecided in their travel arrangements and I don’t really have a vacation in the near future that I can use to drive up there and back.

That’s about it. Everyone start getting messure for tuxes and I’ll send you the link and/or phone number to call in your sizes to. That’s something we all need to take care of fairly soon I would suspect.

Alrighty. Back to work for me. Later.