Let’s see…

My photo shoot went fantasticly. It did take a while longer than I planned but the results were well worth it.

On a similar note, I’ve decided that since I’m going to be splitting the photo section of the site off into it’s own entity, there’s really no sense in trying to update the current photo section until I get around to it. I’ve been wanting to scan a whole mess of negatives and prints but I just haven’t gotten around to it. That WILL happen soon.

Speaking of web-ish things, Sean has asked to use my work in a semi-fictional web design project. I’ll pass along a link when he gets it done. Now I feel kind of bad that I don’t have to much color/studio work up in my photo sections since that’s what he’d probably be wanting to use. Sean, if you need more commercially oriented stuff, email me, I do have some things scanned already.

Also, NeoWin has gone down, again. Something to do with ad revenue and trying to decide whether or not maintaining a site is worth while if it’s forced to resort to ads. Something like that. It’s really a shame since it was my one-stop-shop for techie news, game info and random forum browsing.

As for today, I’ve got a fairly interesting day. First and formost, I’m playing a few hours worth of The Thing. It’s not bad. Not good either, but it’s at least entertaining. I’ve also downloaded 30+ UT2k3 maps and I’ll be giving those a try in a little bit. I would like to get in some CS as well, so I might see if Chip is up for a game.

Lastly but not leastly, tonight Lauren is preparing a nice home-cooked dinner for a few friends and myself. I believe BBQ pork, green beans and apple pie are on the menu. Yum.

That’s about it. Classes are going ok, the car is running well and the computer is working for the most part (it seems a little sluggish). Later.


I have a problem. I’m indecisive. If you know me then you probably already knew that. If not, then I’m just stating it for fact. I can’t decide on anything. What to wear, what to shoot in photo class, what movies to see on the weekends, what type of Hot Pocket to buy, nothing. This carries over into the computer world as well. I can’t decide if I want all sorts of Windows XP eye candy or not. Yes, I’m of course going to customize my desktop and my windows theme, but what about things like icons? Should I use “big” icons, those 64×64 ones (or bigger) or do I stay with 32×32 normal ones. Should I use only one themed icon set or should I mix and match? Should I match my icons to my desktop and/or theme or is that being silly? Personally I think this whole question is silly since no one is ever going to see my desktop besides myself or occasionally Lauren and Jason. I don’t know. Do you guys have large icons and themes and wallpaper and logons all customize, or are just running the default theme with the default icons at the normal size? Thoughts or suggestions?


Well, Windows has been reinstalled, my main programs have been installed, CS and UT2K3 have been installed, XP has been customized back to where I like it and all is good. The system is running smoother than before and doesn’t have any noticable issues. I backed up all my documents and random things on the other drive and so I didn’t lose much. All is well in computer land (knock on wood). I think a good reformat does some good every once in a while. I’ve “streamlined” everything and only reinstalled what I “need”. I’ve got no more than a few programs (including games) installed and I can’t think of anything else I need. Photoshop, Winamp, Counter-Strike, Nero, McAfee Anti-Virus, StyleXP, Microangelo, Dreamweaver and Office. That’s it. If I need something else anytime soon, I’ll install it, but for the time being I’m doing just fine.

That reminds me, I’ve got to go take an online quiz for my Buisness class.

But before I go… I thought I should share this. If you’re running Winamp 3, and you don’t have THIS, you’re not truely running WA3. It’s THE BEST skin available. If you disagree, you’re probably blind.

Matt out.


You know whats cool about sleep deprivation? Nothing. Well, besides a near euphoric state in which nothing really bothers you and you’re not really “awake” but certainly not asleep. Either that or EVERYTHING bothers you and you try to kill the guy at the convience store for not giving you your change fast enough. Point is that I’m rambling mindlessly because I got to sleep from 8am till 10am. Then I woke up, couldn’t sleep because it was sunny, etc etc. Then I went and paid the cable bill. It was $60. Fuck cable. Then I picked up my digital prints at PhotoMasters. They were free. The guys there know me and didn’t feel like charging me. They rock. Now I’m at the photo lab. I’m not awake, but I’m typing, which is odd because I didn’t think you could type while you were sleeping. But I’m making a go of it. Which probably explains the spelling errors. Not that it explains the spelling errors in any of my other posts, but hey, if you’ve got an excuse, you might as well use it. After this I’m going home to get Lauren and coming back downtown to pick up her car. Then I’m formatting a hard drive… again. Fuck my harddrive. Then I’m sleeping. Sleep is good. I need sleep. But that’s ok, it was worth it to help out Lauren. I know she appreciated it and I was glad to help. Yah me! Ok, class now, sleep later, stuff in between.

Matt Out.


Well, the windows install went sorta ok. I’m a bit confused however. My understanding of “formatting a drive” typically involves deleting files and in general FORMATTING THE DRIVE. This did not happen. Windows merely deleted the old version of windows and reinstalled itself. All my programs, files and whatnot are still there, windows just doesn’t see them. For example, Photoshop still exists inside an “Adobe” directory in “Program Files.” The icons are gone, my screen layout is back to default, it doesn’t show up in the Add/Remove programs list and it’s not in the registry. Someone want to explain this one to me? Regardless, I’m going to really blow the drive away tomorrow (today), by hand, just so I can make sure it actually happens this time. When you want something done right, you’ve got to pull the trigger yourself.

Other than that, I’m still up at 2:30am! Why? Not because of Windows, heck no. I wouldn’t loose sleep over that stupid ass-hat OS. Actually, I’m up helping Lauren with a project. Actually I’m watching her work and trying to come up with words of encouragement. She’s working on a big (mid-term sized) plan in AutoCAD. Since I know nothing about AutoCAD, I don’t really offer anything more than moral support. We’re downtown right now, at her building (Eichburg Hall) working in the computer labs. I “persuaded” a workstation to let me on so I could surf the web a bit while she’s working.

I figured I’d come downtown with her since there was no way I’d let her drive home tired at 3+am. The killer is that after we’re done here we still have a model to work on and and specification sheet to work on. No prob though. While she was working this evening I pre-cut pieces for the model and whipped up a template in Word so that all she has to do is put in the info. Piece of cake. Sure it’s an all nighter, but isn’t that what college is all about? What else was I going to be doing at 5am anyways? 🙂

That’s about it. Later kids.