Well, Windows has been reinstalled, my main programs have been installed, CS and UT2K3 have been installed, XP has been customized back to where I like it and all is good. The system is running smoother than before and doesn’t have any noticable issues. I backed up all my documents and random things on the other drive and so I didn’t lose much. All is well in computer land (knock on wood). I think a good reformat does some good every once in a while. I’ve “streamlined” everything and only reinstalled what I “need”. I’ve got no more than a few programs (including games) installed and I can’t think of anything else I need. Photoshop, Winamp, Counter-Strike, Nero, McAfee Anti-Virus, StyleXP, Microangelo, Dreamweaver and Office. That’s it. If I need something else anytime soon, I’ll install it, but for the time being I’m doing just fine.

That reminds me, I’ve got to go take an online quiz for my Buisness class.

But before I go… I thought I should share this. If you’re running Winamp 3, and you don’t have THIS, you’re not truely running WA3. It’s THE BEST skin available. If you disagree, you’re probably blind.

Matt out.