You know whats cool about sleep deprivation? Nothing. Well, besides a near euphoric state in which nothing really bothers you and you’re not really “awake” but certainly not asleep. Either that or EVERYTHING bothers you and you try to kill the guy at the convience store for not giving you your change fast enough. Point is that I’m rambling mindlessly because I got to sleep from 8am till 10am. Then I woke up, couldn’t sleep because it was sunny, etc etc. Then I went and paid the cable bill. It was $60. Fuck cable. Then I picked up my digital prints at PhotoMasters. They were free. The guys there know me and didn’t feel like charging me. They rock. Now I’m at the photo lab. I’m not awake, but I’m typing, which is odd because I didn’t think you could type while you were sleeping. But I’m making a go of it. Which probably explains the spelling errors. Not that it explains the spelling errors in any of my other posts, but hey, if you’ve got an excuse, you might as well use it. After this I’m going home to get Lauren and coming back downtown to pick up her car. Then I’m formatting a hard drive… again. Fuck my harddrive. Then I’m sleeping. Sleep is good. I need sleep. But that’s ok, it was worth it to help out Lauren. I know she appreciated it and I was glad to help. Yah me! Ok, class now, sleep later, stuff in between.

Matt Out.