I have a problem. I’m indecisive. If you know me then you probably already knew that. If not, then I’m just stating it for fact. I can’t decide on anything. What to wear, what to shoot in photo class, what movies to see on the weekends, what type of Hot Pocket to buy, nothing. This carries over into the computer world as well. I can’t decide if I want all sorts of Windows XP eye candy or not. Yes, I’m of course going to customize my desktop and my windows theme, but what about things like icons? Should I use “big” icons, those 64×64 ones (or bigger) or do I stay with 32×32 normal ones. Should I use only one themed icon set or should I mix and match? Should I match my icons to my desktop and/or theme or is that being silly? Personally I think this whole question is silly since no one is ever going to see my desktop besides myself or occasionally Lauren and Jason. I don’t know. Do you guys have large icons and themes and wallpaper and logons all customize, or are just running the default theme with the default icons at the normal size? Thoughts or suggestions?