Wow. Ego boost. My professor

Wow. Ego boost. My professor just pulled me outside and asked if I wanted to taylor the class to my needs since I obviously knew how to do everything already. She asked if I wanted a different assignment or if I’d like anything more advanced demoed or something like that and if I was happy and content in class. She was basically making sure I wasn’t bored. I thought that was really really nice of her. I’ve never had a teacher actually care whether I content in class or not. Plus it boosted my ego about a million points because she pointed out my “design ability”, I believe that’s how she put it. Either way, I’m happy, she knows I know what I’m doing and that I don’t mind learning it again or brushing up my skills. So… huzah for me and a big thank you to her for actually carring. Nice professors rawk!

Holy crap, it was friggin’

Holy crap, it was friggin’ foggy this morning. I’m talking about the “you can’t see 100ft” sort of foggy. It was rediculous. I think I hit a top speed of maybe 20mph on my drive downtown. It was that bad. But, here I am.

Oh, I almost forgot, Flogging Molly has a new album in March and the new Cream: Anthems will be out shortly. I shouldn’t have started reading the new issue of M8, now I want about 30 new CDs. Damn.

Ok, class time.

Just as mysterously as my

Just as mysterously as my internet connection disappears, it returns. Bringing with it a variety of interesting things.

Check it out. Be Inc (as in BeOS) have put their remaining assets up for auction. Man, if I had some spare cash, I’d love to get a BeBox or maybe one of their Sony e-Villa house computers. Cool.

As for my evening. I’m putting together some Photoshop stuff for class tomorrow. The professor wants to see ideas for what our next website project will look like. I’m also trying to track down a copy of IE6.22. I can’t find it anywhere. I know I found it on BetaNews a month or so ago, but it’s seems to not be there anymore. MS has no mention of a beta on their site either. I really liked it though. It was much more stable than 6.0, which is crashing every few minutes on me. Any ideas where to find it?


Hmm… tried to visit my

Hmm… tried to visit my own site and it didn’t work. I wonder if it’s my crappy cable modem or if something else is broken. It pings ok. Dunno. Maybe someone else knows.

I’ve also decided that today there shall be no classes. I’m sleepy. I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m going to go back to bed. I actually haven’t been sleeping well for a while. I’m not sure what it is. So, instead of classes, I’ll go grocery shopping when I wake up. I checked my bank account and the available balance shows the newly deposited check, so all is good.

More later.

I got bored and tried

I got bored and tried to figure out if I could ever become a millionaire… guess what? It’s not going to happen. The Bank of NH has this cool little link about investing and given how much you put in it calculates how long it will take for you to be a millionaire. Check out what it said to me:

“If you invest $1,000 now and $100 monthly at 6 percent , you’ll be a millionaire in 93 years at age 114.

To be a millionaire at age 65, you’ll need to:
Increase the amount you invest now to $173,791, or
Increase your monthly investment to $748, or
Achieve a rate of return of 17 percent if you pay tax on earnings or 10 percent if you don’t.
When adjusted for inflation, $1 million in 93 years would be equivalent to $61,635 today.”

Huzah! When I’m 114 I can finally be finacially secure. Hehehe. I guess it’s not gonna happen huh? Oh well. Guess I’ll have to do it the old fashion way… scratch tickets here I come.

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