Just as mysterously as my internet connection disappears, it returns. Bringing with it a variety of interesting things.

Check it out. Be Inc (as in BeOS) have put their remaining assets up for auction. Man, if I had some spare cash, I’d love to get a BeBox or maybe one of their Sony e-Villa house computers. Cool.

As for my evening. I’m putting together some Photoshop stuff for class tomorrow. The professor wants to see ideas for what our next website project will look like. I’m also trying to track down a copy of IE6.22. I can’t find it anywhere. I know I found it on BetaNews a month or so ago, but it’s seems to not be there anymore. MS has no mention of a beta on their site either. I really liked it though. It was much more stable than 6.0, which is crashing every few minutes on me. Any ideas where to find it?