I now know why my

I now know why my check hasn’t cleared… it wasn’t deposited. I guess my folks were waiting till they knew what was going on before doing anything with it. Still.

So, by later this week, the check will have cleared and I’ll be able to do stuff again. It looks like there won’t be a computer upgrade though. Maybe, but the odds aren’t in it’s favor.

Anyway. Another day, another photo shoot. This time it was “metalic objects” so I brought in one of my Zippo’s. I actually went into the studio around noon and shot until class time. So, all I had to do was wash my negatives and leave. Now I’m home and I’m debating if I should take a nap, take a shower, eat something, or a combonation of the above. We’ll see.

Do any of my old

Do any of my old EXPI buds remember the evilness of FrontPage? Well, it’s back! Only this time it’s name is Adobe GoLive. This mindless little program generates the most non-standard, horribly formatted code humanly possible. They even have their own version of FrontPage extensions and site setup lingo. *cough* More later.

You know, at some points

You know, at some points I feel bad for missing classes. Friday I did not. Hense, I won’t make appologies. Because the question of “why weren’t you in class” always comes up. My answer today was “I felt like sleeping.” I was tired, so I slept. Everyone else can deal. I almost made it two in a row today. I didn’t sleep all night, I woke up with a headache and a bloodshot eye and I pretty much felt the need to continue sleeping. But I knew I shouldn’t, so I got up. I think I’m actually going to stay downtown and work in the studio durring my normal “lunch break” time of 11:30-2:30. I’ll set up my stuff in Studio and start shooting so that when class rolls around at 3, I’ll be done and can go home. At that point I’ll take a nap and not get up until later this evening. Ok, class time.

Where’s Matt been? Well. The

Where’s Matt been? Well. The answer to that is long and complicated. But here goes.
Friday morning I turned on my computer to check my mail before class. I was instead staring face to face with a blue “core dump” screen of death. “How pleasent” I thought to myself. After literly hours of trying to figure out what the hell happened… I still couldn’t. All I could figure out was that Thursday night I had a master boot record… and Friday morning, I did not. Well, a MBR is a fairly important thing to have, so I figured I should try and fix it. I got out my Win2k boot disks and loaded up the repair options. It didn’t do squat. Nothing. So, for the past two days I’ve been trying to avoid formating my drives but somehow fix the damage. I finally installed 2000 on my 2nd harddrive, copied off the information from the first drive, formatted the first drive, but the stuff back on, and formatted the 2nd drive. So, now I have two newly formatted drives with a fresh install of 2000. It seems to be working ok, but it took me such a long time to get it to “just the way I liked it.” Such a shame. Anyway.

Friday afternoon, Lauren called me with horrible news. Her grandmother passed away Friday morning. She was obviously upset and I did my best to comfort her. Friday night I figured she needed a little distraction from everything that was going on, so I took her out to Olive Garden for a nice dinner. Saturday, she made arrangements to fly home for the funeral on Tuesday. Saturday night she returned the favor for dinner and took me to the Lady & Sons. I dropped her off at the airport earlier this morning. I send my condolenses and best wishes to the Arolfo’s.

So, for the past two days, it’s been fairly rough. How was your weekend?

Anyway, I’m going to be reinstalling software until the cows come home, so I’ll be getting back to that now. Oh, does anyone remember where to get the Win2k “old game compatability” patches? I can’t find’em anyway. Later.