Well, Chip is over and were in between movies. This seems like a good time to pack up the computer. I’ll be leaving in the morning so I really won’t have time to do it later. The drive should be easy, I’ll be in Savannah on Thursday. I’ll have my phone on if anyone wishes to call me while I’m on the road. Wish me luck.


Road Trip

It’s been decided, mostly by me, that it makes more sense to leave tomorrow than it does to leave on Friday. There’s no sense in waiting till after 1 storm in order to drive into another. If I leave tomorrow I’m ahead of all the weather for this weekend. My plan is to leave tomorrow around 9-10am and make it to Emporia VA by about 10:30pm. Emporia is only 10 miles from the North Carolina boarder so the drive the next day would be a piece of cake. That gets me into Savannah around 3pm on Thursday. The other plan would have me getting in around 10pm on Saturday. This way I have not 1 1/2 but 3 1/2 days to get everything in order, go grocery shopping, clean my apartment and spend time with Lauren. I’ve really missed her and only getting to spend one day with her before classes started just wouldn’t have been acceptable.

So, tonight I’m staying around here and packing rather than enjoying any New Years celebration of any sort. I should probably start some laundry, I have a lot to do before tomorrow.

The road home

A few interesting things happening in terms of school I felt worthy of mention before I signed off for the day. First of all, my loans finally went through which means everything should be ok money wise. I might/might-not have to pick up a part time job to cover spending money. It will depend on how tight I am with the little money I’ll have and how much supplies will cost. We’ll see. Also, I’ll be making the drive on my own this year. Its far too much money for a plane ticket for my folks to continue flying down and they’ve finally realized that and asked me if I wouldn’t mind driving alone this time. While it is better making a drive like that with someone else I don’t think it will be too terrible. It’s not like I don’t know the way by this point.

I’ll stop in VA somewhere, sleep for a little bit and finish the drive on the 3rd. Should be a piece of cake. I’ll make sure to stock up in KMX and CDs before the trip.

My folks also tell me to take back anything that I might want because after I leave they’re putting the house on the market and they don’t want to have to pack up stuff I don’t want/need. So, I guess that when I come “home” it won’t be home anymore. It’s really kind of upsetting seeing as how this house has been my home since before I was born. It’ll be sad to see it go. I don’t know where they’ll be moving to but Milford probably isn’t an option. They’re looking up around Concord.

Thats about it, I’ll let you know more when I figure out what I’m doing.

New Year’s and beyond

Well, yesterday Chris and I spent all day in Boston. It was quite a bit of fun. We ended up meeting up with Jeff at Satellite records on Mass Ave. We hadn’t seen Jeff since the last time we had been to Avalon. After Chris dropped a large chunk of money on some vinyl for the turntables he may or may not have, we headed over to Harvard Square. We poked around at The Garage before Jeff’s girlfriend Heidi met us for dinner at Uno’s. We had a nice dinner but had to say goodbye because it was time for Chris and I to get to the Bruins game. We got there a few minutes late but it worked out alright. Chris was made to go across the street to a bar and have them hold his backpack in the coat check because the security at the Fleet wouldn’t let him in. That in itself is rather ridiculous because right before us a lady walked through with one of those mini-backpack-purse things. So, I went up to the seats while Chris dealt with his backpack. The seats we had were absolutely fantastic, probably the best seats we’ve ever had at the Fleet. We were in the “clubhouse” section which means that you don’t even have to get up for food, they bring it to you. How nice!

The game was good although the Bruins lost. They played like crap for the 3rd period and didn’t really try and mount a comeback which was kind of sad. It was enjoyable non-the-less. After the game we took the T back over to Wellington and drove home from there. All in all it was quite a good trip into Bean Town.

As for today I’ve got a few things to do (laundry, packing, etc) before celebrating the New Year later this evening. Jeff was trying to get Chris and I interested in a rave in Springfield but I don’t think either of us are up for it. We’d be going to Avalon if it wasn’t $50 friggin bucks to get in. So, the tentative plan is to hang around here, get some pizza and some drinks and have a nice home-brewed New Years Eve.

Thats about it as far as NYE goes. Later.

LAN wrapup

It was certainly a fun weekend. Chip and I drove over to Ashland NH to visit with some of my family Saturday morning so we missed a bit of gaming but we were right back into it Saturday night. Chip wasn’t feeling well so I dropped him at the hotel and went back to try and kick some ass in a CS tournament that was starting. Since I didn’t have a “team” I got drafted onto a team made up of [F.o.R] and [LN] players. We didn’t make it far and were taken out in the second round by a much better all-Canadian [F.o.R] team. It was fun though.

This morning we packed up and headed home… after a few rounds of UT2k3 that is. All in all it was a very fun weekend. I haven’t played that many video games in quite some time. I think I’ve probably had my fill for a little while.

Tomorrow, as a Christmas present, my folks got me tickets to the Bruins game in Boston. I get to see the B’s vs. the Devils at 7:00. So, I guess I’ll be spending most of tomorrow in Boston. I’ll probably hit all my favorite spots (Newbury’s, Urban Outfitters, etc) and then head over to the Fleet Center after dinner. It should be fun.

Well, I’m pretty tired so I think I’m going to get some food and take a nap. G’night.