A few interesting things happening in terms of school I felt worthy of mention before I signed off for the day. First of all, my loans finally went through which means everything should be ok money wise. I might/might-not have to pick up a part time job to cover spending money. It will depend on how tight I am with the little money I’ll have and how much supplies will cost. We’ll see. Also, I’ll be making the drive on my own this year. Its far too much money for a plane ticket for my folks to continue flying down and they’ve finally realized that and asked me if I wouldn’t mind driving alone this time. While it is better making a drive like that with someone else I don’t think it will be too terrible. It’s not like I don’t know the way by this point.

I’ll stop in VA somewhere, sleep for a little bit and finish the drive on the 3rd. Should be a piece of cake. I’ll make sure to stock up in KMX and CDs before the trip.

My folks also tell me to take back anything that I might want because after I leave they’re putting the house on the market and they don’t want to have to pack up stuff I don’t want/need. So, I guess that when I come “home” it won’t be home anymore. It’s really kind of upsetting seeing as how this house has been my home since before I was born. It’ll be sad to see it go. I don’t know where they’ll be moving to but Milford probably isn’t an option. They’re looking up around Concord.

Thats about it, I’ll let you know more when I figure out what I’m doing.