It’s been decided, mostly by me, that it makes more sense to leave tomorrow than it does to leave on Friday. There’s no sense in waiting till after 1 storm in order to drive into another. If I leave tomorrow I’m ahead of all the weather for this weekend. My plan is to leave tomorrow around 9-10am and make it to Emporia VA by about 10:30pm. Emporia is only 10 miles from the North Carolina boarder so the drive the next day would be a piece of cake. That gets me into Savannah around 3pm on Thursday. The other plan would have me getting in around 10pm on Saturday. This way I have not 1 1/2 but 3 1/2 days to get everything in order, go grocery shopping, clean my apartment and spend time with Lauren. I’ve really missed her and only getting to spend one day with her before classes started just wouldn’t have been acceptable.

So, tonight I’m staying around here and packing rather than enjoying any New Years celebration of any sort. I should probably start some laundry, I have a lot to do before tomorrow.