Wheeee! I’m done my 3D final. It sucks. A lot. But it’s done. I don’t really give a shit about the class or the assignment, but I’ll probably get an A or B on it anyway. I also picked up my matte board and worked on my digital final. So… for the next 6 days, all I have to do is slide a few prints into already cut frames and print out a final version of my digital piece. Ah, life is good. Now… if only I wasn’t broke.

You know it’s sad when you walk around your room thinking “I wonder what I can pawn?” I think I might get ride of some more CDs when I’m home on break. I have a collection of around 300, but I only listen to 70 or so. The rest are things like old Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, that kind of early 90’s crap. I think I can get a few bucks for them at Newbury Comics. We’ll see.

Whoops… got to run. Gotta jump in the shower and get downtown to Lauren’s. Later.