Holy Sweet Jebus! I must

Holy Sweet Jebus! I must own this. It’s the complete collection of Paul Van Dyk remixes from 1992-1998, comes in a limited edition tin box, and is a massive 3-CD set. Why do I not own this? Oh yah, it’s out of print and incredibly hard to find. Damn!

Well, besides drooling over PVD albums, I did manage to go to class today. I drove downtown to the building where class usually is and walked in just in time to notice a sign on the door saying that todays class was to meet down in City Market for our field trip. So, I drove down there, found my class and spent 2 hours wondering around art galleries in City Market. To top it all off, I thought I had put enough money in the parking meter but apparently I hadn’t. I came out to a nice little $10 surprise on my windsheild. Damnit!

I don’t really believe in parking tickets so I don’t plan on paying it. The way I figure it, I park at meters so infrequently, that I’ll probably have a new car by the time I get another ticket. Plus I have out of state plates so if they really want to chase me they can look up the plate number and send me a letter at home. Personally, I think switching every meter in the city to 2 hours only was a sleazy thing for the city to do. So screw them. “Damn the man” as they say.

Besides my parking ticket, its been a pretty great day. The weather has been great, I got to have breakfast with Lauren, I have clean clothes (I did laundry), I’m about 10 minutes away from finishing up my Digital assignment, and I’ve got PVD, Sandra Collins and John Digweed blasting from WinAmp. Huzah!

Current Music: Sandra Collins – Lost in Time
Current Mood: Good

Well, it’s the 30th, which

Well, it’s the 30th, which means two things. First, and most importantly, it’s Chris’ Birthday!!! Happy Birthday bro. How does it feel to be one year closer to death? Just kiddin.

Secondly, Global Underground released its 21st CD set, Deep Dish: Moscow. Both Chris and I have been waiting for this one. He’s already ordered it and I guess I’ll pick it up at Newbury Comics when I get home for break. Or… maybe I’ll splurge and got to FYI or Best Buy this afternoon. Who knows.

Anyway, gotta finish a project before class. Later.

I believe that from this

I believe that from this point forward I’m going to make a somewhat vain attempt to be slightly more prolific in my writing. I guess I’d like to develop a style so that eventually, when time finds me, I may attempt “the great American novel”. I’ve always wanted to give it a try, and who knows, maybe this journal is simply a first step. Or, more likely, increasing my writing skills will serve only to mask my complete inability to spell worth a damn. Enough about that.

Today started normally with the alarm clock playing Harlem jazz to wake me up which is always a good way to start off a day. After the typical morning routine of showering, dressing and eating, I walked out of my door into the most wonderful of temperatures. A cool, clean, 60 degrees. Sunny and breezy. The kind of day that makes you wish you had nothing better to do so that you could spend it driving around with your windows down and the breeze coming in. The drive downtown was it’s usually rush of early morning commuters, all scurrying to work, all probably ten minutes late anyway, with they’re cell phones attached neatly to their heads as if they belonged there. And in the middle of it all was me, in my comfy jeans, sweatshirt and baseball hat, jockeying for position before the turning lanes down Abercorn St.

The trip was quick and I was soon parked at the dorms downtown, more than likely taking a spot from a freshmen who actually lived there. I never really feel bad since I’ve paid for my parking sticker and I’m more than allowed to park there. I’m sure it gets on the residents nerves as it got on mine two years ago.

I walked over to the darkrooms, nice and warm in my thin layers, watching native southerners run for cover when the wind decided to blow in their direction. Funny how it’s only 60 degrees and from the way they’re dressed, you’d think that snow was about to fall.

I got to the darkroom early, so early in fact that my professor was just walking in. My timing was fortuitous since he was unpacking a large shipment of Polaroid film and decided he had to many and offered me some. I gladly accepted, it being one less thing I’ll need to buy in the coming weeks.

After that class started, and sure enough, the R-3 machine decided it didn’t want to play today and broke soon after. R-3 is the process of printing from slide film for those of you who didn’t know. Luckily I had shot the same series on negative film so I was able to use those in the other machine.

Noon quickly rolled around, and I started packing up my things to go upstairs for Digital class. The class room was strangly vacant when I got there. Odd since I was about 5 minutes late. But there were other people from my class so I didn’t think to much of it. After a few minutes, the lab monitor walks in, looks at us and asks if we remembered that class was canceled today. Of course I hadn’t and felt stupid as a result. So back downstairs I went, to my locker, got my things and started the process of heading back home.

I almost made it too. You see, on the corner to Montgomery and Oglethorpe there’s a nice little Chinese restaurant that I’ve been wanting to have lunch at for two months. I finally broke down and did it since you really can’t beat $4.95 for lunch buffet and I was hungry. I ended up giving Nagle a call and seeing if he was busy for lunch. Luckily he wasn’t and was able to join me. I hadn’t hung out with Nagle in a while, he had been busy with a film project and I’m always in the darkroom or off doing something else, so it was nice to be able to have lunch.

After that I took the trip home, stopping at Wal-Mart along the way for a few essentials for finishing a 3D project tonight. And here I am. Doing laundry and trying to find interesting ways of saying that my day was pretty boring. Oh well. I did get some printing accomplished, so that’s a plus. If you’re lucky, I’ll post a few more scans of my color work tonight. We’ll see.

Hey guys. I’m all done

Hey guys. I’m all done in the darkroom. I scanned in 3 of the 4 prints I made, the forth one I’m still working on, or at least I’m going to print some more tomorrow, so I’ll show you when I’m done. But, for now, feast your eyes on these three. The assignment was “artificial light” and I think it worked out well. Lemme know what you think, I’m always interested in peoples opinions. As always, click the thumbnail to see the larger images. Take a look:

Whatcha think?

Hey kids. Did everyone enjoy

Hey kids. Did everyone enjoy that extra sleep? I know I did. Anyway, today I’ve got a lot of darkroom stuff ahead of me, then some digital work when I get home. Shouldn’t be too bad though. I’ll let you guys take a peak at the prints when I finish this afternoon.

In other randomness, I got an email from Brent back at EB in NH. That was pretty cool. I was wondering how those guys were doing. He asked if I was going to come back and work over break. I’d like to, money is always good, but it’s kind of up to them. I really couldn’t work around the time of my birthday, which, consequently, is the week before x-mas. It’s a little crappy to take off work the week before x-mas when you’re working retail. If all goes well, Lauren will be coming up that week, or maybe the week after x-mas, we’re not sure, but either way, I would obviously like to spend that time with her rather than working. So, if EB would like me back, I’m more than willing to work and make a few bucks, but I just couldn’t work when my girlfriend is here. I know they understand, so, if they’d like me back, Brent, lemme know.

Ok, off to the darkroom. There’s work to be done. Later.