Holy Sweet Jebus! I must own this. It’s the complete collection of Paul Van Dyk remixes from 1992-1998, comes in a limited edition tin box, and is a massive 3-CD set. Why do I not own this? Oh yah, it’s out of print and incredibly hard to find. Damn!

Well, besides drooling over PVD albums, I did manage to go to class today. I drove downtown to the building where class usually is and walked in just in time to notice a sign on the door saying that todays class was to meet down in City Market for our field trip. So, I drove down there, found my class and spent 2 hours wondering around art galleries in City Market. To top it all off, I thought I had put enough money in the parking meter but apparently I hadn’t. I came out to a nice little $10 surprise on my windsheild. Damnit!

I don’t really believe in parking tickets so I don’t plan on paying it. The way I figure it, I park at meters so infrequently, that I’ll probably have a new car by the time I get another ticket. Plus I have out of state plates so if they really want to chase me they can look up the plate number and send me a letter at home. Personally, I think switching every meter in the city to 2 hours only was a sleazy thing for the city to do. So screw them. “Damn the man” as they say.

Besides my parking ticket, its been a pretty great day. The weather has been great, I got to have breakfast with Lauren, I have clean clothes (I did laundry), I’m about 10 minutes away from finishing up my Digital assignment, and I’ve got PVD, Sandra Collins and John Digweed blasting from WinAmp. Huzah!

Current Music: Sandra Collins – Lost in Time
Current Mood: Good