Hey kids. Did everyone enjoy that extra sleep? I know I did. Anyway, today I’ve got a lot of darkroom stuff ahead of me, then some digital work when I get home. Shouldn’t be too bad though. I’ll let you guys take a peak at the prints when I finish this afternoon.

In other randomness, I got an email from Brent back at EB in NH. That was pretty cool. I was wondering how those guys were doing. He asked if I was going to come back and work over break. I’d like to, money is always good, but it’s kind of up to them. I really couldn’t work around the time of my birthday, which, consequently, is the week before x-mas. It’s a little crappy to take off work the week before x-mas when you’re working retail. If all goes well, Lauren will be coming up that week, or maybe the week after x-mas, we’re not sure, but either way, I would obviously like to spend that time with her rather than working. So, if EB would like me back, I’m more than willing to work and make a few bucks, but I just couldn’t work when my girlfriend is here. I know they understand, so, if they’d like me back, Brent, lemme know.

Ok, off to the darkroom. There’s work to be done. Later.