Yah! I’m now the resident of a 2 story town-home/appartment. I can’t wait till next week when I move in. It’ll be fantastic. And the best part is that I get the master-bedroom, which has its own bathroom. Yippee. At any rate, after a 30 minute paper signing marathon, we’re all good to go. My check for the rent will be delivered to them in a few days and we’ll get the keys on Thursday. We have to be out of the dorms by Friday so we should be able to make it. After that, my mom flys in on Friday afternoon, we chill in the apartment for a little and start driving on Saturday. I think we might stop by my aunts house and say hi on our way up the coast. Ok, that’s about it for big news today. Oh, before I forget, I added Pete’s page to the side section since he was nice enough to link to me yesterday. Ok, I’m going to go spot-tone some photographs. Later.