Well, we’re up from a cat3 to a 4. Evacuations are being called for all over. I’ve already taken all the computers apart and I’m sending this via my Sidekick.

Last night was crazy. People fighting over gas, long lines, people freaking out. It was a little over the top. In situations like this, people really need to keep calm. To bad the goog ol’ media machine ramped up and has been scaring the shit out of people for over a week.

We’re heading west/north west to outside of San Antonio. We’re actually leaving this morning. We’re about 12 hours ahead of the mandatory evacuations. Mostly because we have Lauren’s mom, who just had surgery, as we’ll as her two grandparents who can’t evacuate themselves, plus 3 dogs. Luckily, our route west is also NOT a planned evacuation route, so traffic, a day early, should be lite.

Take care everybody, see ya on the other side.


Just landed. Plane was late. Fucking plane. It was nice of the screaming children to audibly express everyones fustrations at taking off an hour late.

I’ve also received 5 emails in the past minute from my boss. Apparently the world falls apart without me. Nice to know.

I’m tired. G’night.

Headed home

Its 6am and we’re headed into Logan. If only we could have stayed a few more days. Vacations are never long enough.

Last Day

Well, today is my last day here, tomorrow we fly out at some unreasonably early hour. We’ve been hanging out with my aunt Lisa all afternoon and she even let me ans Lauren take her new Mazda Miata for a spin.

Yesterday I got to hang out with Chris for a while. It was good to see him, its been to long. We also got to meet Erin, who was very nice. We started out at Uno’s for a little pizza, followed by a tour for the area. We were wanting to catch Dukes of Hazard but we misread the time. After that we walked around the mall for a little while, had some dinner at a great little place caled John Harvards and headed back to Chris’ apartment and watched a movie.

It was good to hangout with them. I hadn’t seen Chris in a while and its always good to catch up.

Tonight we’ll probably just relax around here, we have an early flight so we’ll need to get some decent rest.


On the road

The eagle has landed. Eagle, being me and not the president or a moon lander.

We’re chilling at my parents house today. Lauren and my mom are running an errand or two and I’m vegetating infront of digital cable.

We don’t have any specific plans, probably some lunch and a walk around Laconia. No plans for the evening either.

I hate flying

Ooooh. I get to use the “travel” category for the first time.

If anyone ever wants to feel like cattle, you can visit terminal C at the Atlanta airport for an accurate recreation. I’m litteraly sitting on the floor, eating a cookie, wanting for the flight from Atlanta to Boston to board.

The flight from Houston was uneventful, if you don’t count the 300lbs angry redneck women filming themselves with a camcorder. Or the black kid behind me smacking his head into the back of my seat. Besides that it was absolutely peachy.

I don’t understand fat, angry redneck women. Not that I’ve had tons of exposure to that demographic, but it puzzles me just the same. Why do people feel the need to explain everything they do to everyone around them.

“Where’s my coke, I’m going to take a sip of my coke.”

“Do you have your bag, you’re going to need it?” … “Yes, its right here” … “Good, cause you’ll be needing to have it”


Oi. Well, as I sit here they announce that the plane is pulling up to the gate.