Well, today is my last day here, tomorrow we fly out at some unreasonably early hour. We’ve been hanging out with my aunt Lisa all afternoon and she even let me ans Lauren take her new Mazda Miata for a spin.

Yesterday I got to hang out with Chris for a while. It was good to see him, its been to long. We also got to meet Erin, who was very nice. We started out at Uno’s for a little pizza, followed by a tour for the area. We were wanting to catch Dukes of Hazard but we misread the time. After that we walked around the mall for a little while, had some dinner at a great little place caled John Harvards and headed back to Chris’ apartment and watched a movie.

It was good to hangout with them. I hadn’t seen Chris in a while and its always good to catch up.

Tonight we’ll probably just relax around here, we have an early flight so we’ll need to get some decent rest.