I mentioned the other day how I had some really terrible luck with retail boxes. I nearly swore off retail buying entirely after that fiasco and it wasn’t until a trip right before Christmas that I decided to buy anything again. I had become enamored with those chrome sparkle parallels. I was having bad luck finding a Brock Holt gold parallel and I saw one little blaster and decided to try my luck. It’s a good thing I did.


It started off nicely with a couple of Sox and a David Price. Harper and Martin were nice additions as well, but we’re still just talking base cards…


David Ortiz, Bryce Harper, Ted Williams. Not bad, ok, things are definitely turning around, feeling good about this box…


Astros’s hot box apparently, Tucker and McCullers RCs, that guy who’s name I’m never going to pronounce properly, and a Biggio insert. Pretty good. Definitely feeling good about this box…


Rainbow Trout. Get it? Ha.


Two the the “Pride & Perseverance” inserts? I thought those were kinda hard pulls. Not bad, maybe I can use them as trade bait. At this point I’m done with the packs of Update and I’m moving on to the sparkle Chrome. I’m already convinced this was a great box, but the card gods weren’t finished…


Lindor and Rondon RCs, pretty good. Honestly, I just like the way these look. I’m a sucker for shiny stuff.


Porcello, Sox card, ok, I’m pleased with that. Pillar I like, Ichiro insert, also good stuff…


Oh my.

Ok. Ummm…


Was not expecting that. Especially after my previous luck.


That’s just a pretty card. There are completed listings out there on ebay for between $150 and $200. As much as I want to list it, I can’t bring myself to do it. This thing deserves a good home and not just to be flipped for profit. I’m not that guy. For the time being, it’s staying with me until Sam and I can work out a trade of some sort. It’s either going to be in my collection, or his, but either way it’s staying “in the family”, as it should.