The best kind of Christmas cards aren’t those with wreathes and holly or pictures of fat Dutch saints with beards. The best kind of cards are small, covered in pictures from this crazy game called “base ball” and from friends. These particular cards came from my Yankee’s fan counter-part in New Jersey, AJ the Lost Collector. It’s always a great sign of the generosity in this hobby that fans who would normally be polar opposites with their team loyalties can trade numerous time and with such joy. Kind of restores your faith in humanity a little.


Pitchers who led the Sox to a World Series from a set I haven’t finished, an awesome way to start a package.


Two cards for Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez (that has such a nice ring to it).


Two Nomar cards I didn’t have, always a welcome sight.


Three from the “big dawg” Mo Vaughn, including a “Double Trouble” appearance by Nomar. Solid cards all around. I love the insane metallic purple floating eyeballs on the Pacific Metal Universe card.


Last but not least, the Large Father, looking all retro in Topps Heritage.

Awesome package AJ. A return package is forming itself in a pile on my desk!