If you’re wondering why posting has been all over the place, it’s just due to a busy schedule. I’ve got so much on my plate at the moment that I think I need a second small salad plate just for the extras. Maybe a desert plate as well. And a couple dinner rolls. And a coffee. Cream and sugar.

Crap. Now I’m hungry.

The point is there’s just a ton of stuff going on.

A quick survey though: If I said “hey, I’ve got some random cards from the 80’s/90’s, anyone want them?”, how many of you would raise your hands? Cause…umm… that sort of happened…



My buddy was thinking of me as he checked out some estate sale a while back. He said he got someone’s entire collection for like $5. Sadly (or not) the opened boxes of Fleer, Donruss and Score had all their valuable cards (HA!) already pulled. The three Topps and 1 Bowman set are complete. My first (and only) inclination is to pull out what I want and toss the rest… or set fire to it. The world wouldn’t stop spinning if there was one less box of 1990 Fleer in it. The two unmarked boxes are a mismash of 80’s Topps and 90/91 Upper Deck. The loose packs in the 2nd photo are 2001 UD MVP. The blue box is 90% basketball, which I don’t care about. So, before I toss all this stuff in an industrial shredder, just for giggles, does anyone actually WANT any of this? The clock is ticking, I’m cleaning off my desk on Monday. Speak now, or forever hold your cardboard.