Right up front I should mention that not only did I purchase a master team set this year, I also purchased a mini set AND a complete 1-300 set. So, yeah, I cheated quite a bit. The prices were just too good. The master team set (including SPs and inserts) was $6.99, the mini set was $3.99 and the complete base set was just $19. For the same price as a blaster and a rack pack, I’m done. Honestly, I couldn’t pass that up.

That being said, I still couldn’t stay away from the card isle this month. I made 2 random Target trips with the family and bought 3 blasters. $60 worth and I didn’t get 1/3 of the entire set or any of my team. That pretty much puts the nail in the retail coffin as far as I’m concerned. Opening packs IS fun, but not “wasting $60 worth” fun. I’ll still do it every once in a while, but I promised myself I would not go crazy with retail this year and this just re-enforces it.

It wasn’t a complete loss however. I did pull a couple neat cards, ones you guys might be interested in. I did really well with numbered minis and even pulled a relic and a blue border. Let’s see what I found…


First up are the base cards. While I’m sure you’ve all seen them already, I just wanted to scan the cross-section of rookies I came across. GQ and Ginter are my two favorite types of cards (do to the material) to try and get signed in person. I think I might TTM these and hope for the best. Anyone have any luck in getting TTM returns from these guys?

2014_GQ_ShortPrints_1 2014_GQ_ShortPrints_2

Next, my short prints. Thankfully they made the right call and SPs are 301-350 this year. I honestly could deal with the mixed set again, it was atrocious. These are the 6 (1:4 packs) short prints I pulled. The odds of me building the entire short print set are nearly non-existent, so if anyone needs one of these, just let me know.

Next, MINIS…

2014_GQ_Minis_BlackSP_Cabrera_Rivera 2014_GQ_Minis_Red_Lester_Altuve 2014_GQ_Minis_RedBlack_Carpenter_Jackson

The Lester is obviously staying with me, and the Altuve I’ve already sent to Sam. Still, that’s not a bad selection. 3 Red (#/99), 2 black (#/199), and the most desired short print in the entire set. I’d say that’s a pretty solid collection of minis. It’s odd that I got more red than black since the odds are considerably less, but I’m not complaining.


Next up, my single blue border from the blasters. Goose Gossage, 475/499. This and the Mo SP mini came from the same pack. Yankees hot pack! I’m pretty sure I can find this one a good home.


Last but not least, Adrian “Don’t Touch my Head” Beltre mini framed relic. Certainly not the worst pull ever. I’m thinking this years framed relics are looking a little too much “Gintery” for my tastes. There’s a set for that sort of thing, and it comes out in August. I never understood why they got framed anyway. The button relics aren’t framed. The mini-books from last year aren’t framed. The coin cards aren’t framed. Why do this to the minis? Oh well, to each their own. I like them, I just like to nit pick too. Either way, Mr. Beltre is certain up for trade should anyone want him and his “no-touchy” head issues.