I’ve been busy with work, and scanning stuff from the card show in my non-existent spare time, which I promise to post at some point, but I wanted to toss out a quick update on a set in hope that someone might have the cards I’m looking for.

I’ve been trying to put together the 2014 Topps Olympics set and I’m just 6 short. I have 80+ dupes, and about 50 or so of the various metallic parallels, but I’m still missing the following:

#24 – Patrick Deneen
#33 – Dylan Ferguson
#47 – Lindsey Jacobellis
#51 – Hilary Knight
#88 – Lindsey Vonn*
#96 – Agnes Zawadzki

* I do have a Bronze and Silver parallel of Vonn, but no base version.

If anyone out there built the set (or is currently building), and has dupes of these, I’d love to trade. They’re all available on COMC but they’re about $1/ea, and that’s just crazy talk. I can get the whole 1-100 for $9 on ebay, or a “Pick 10” auction for $2.50. I’d much rather trade with one of you guys. Anyone out there building this?