Pat from Hot Corner Cards surprised me with a PWE this week. He saw my Brock Holt collection post and chipped in two I didn’t have. I hadn’t bought any Archives and very little Heritage this year, and each product had a Holt I was missing.


Archives is a love it or hate it sort of product and I can’t really claim to be on the “loving it” side of the fence. I don’t have any problem with the concept of re-using older designs, but it seems like this year they just picked them completely randomly. I’ve very happy that Brock here isn’t on one of the designs from the 90’s.


A nice split-card with Kyle McPherson from the Pirates, which I can only assume is intentional since Holt was traded from the Pirates. Heritage is a set I could totally “get behind” if the set wasn’t so insanely large and if they’d stop friggin’ putting Ortiz as a short print. That’s just mean. That said, another awesome Holt RC off my checklist.

A big thank you to Pat, these are completely awesome and go directly into the collection! Thank you sir!