Update on my spring cleaning. Three more packages went out today. Diamondbacks, Rangers and Dodgers are all on their way to new homes. They are all priority 2-3 day, so you guys should have them in hand probably Monday or Tuesday. I also handed Sam his stack of Astros in person when he was in town, so those are gone as well.

If anyone is interested, I’m still looking to liquidate my more common stuff, and it’s up for grabs. Leave a comment on the original post to claim a team. I’ve cleared out a considerable amount, but there’s more progress to be made. The largest remaining stacks at the moment, and this is purely a guess and not actually counting, probably belong to the Marlins, Athletics, White Sox and Yankees. Those are the teams I’ve never completely a trade with a collector of. If you know anyone who collects those teams, send’em this way.