My last and final foray into National Treasures just arrived in the mail. I picked up a really slick booklet card, another first for me (see yesterday’s printing plate).



Numbered 14/99 with an incredible green jersey swatch, Jacoby Ellsbury booklet card from Panini National Treasures. The thing I noticed, and I’m not sure how many other people did since these were going for relatively cheap on eBay, is that those green uniforms are only worn once a year. So, if that’s authentic, and I have no reason to think otherwise, that’s from 1 of less than 12 possible games. The Sox have worn a green jersey once each year during Spring Training, on St. Patrick’s Day, since 2004 (9 times) and then only twice during the regular season, both time to celebrate the Celtics. So, that’s a pretty rare jersey, at least by my standards.

As with all these National Treasures cards, presentation is everything and this card is no exception. Gorgeous detail all around, great printing, super thick. Now I just need to find a booklet holder to put this in. A very awesome addition to my PC.