So, hopefully most people should have their packages at this point. I know I’ve gotten a couple emails already, a couple blog posts as well. I’m really happy you guys liked them. I’m glad the cards found the right homes. They were just collecting dust in my possession, so I’d rather see them put to good use.

Just a quick update about teams that remain, here’s the current list:

That leaves the White Sox, Brewers, Pirates, and Giants. I would normally send my Braves to Derek and my Royals to Kyle4KC, but they’ve both stepped back from blogging and/or collection and I’m not sure they’d want them (if you’re reading this, either of you, let me know if you’d still like some cards!).

Derek was actually one of my inspirations behind this. He sent me 3 boxes of cards last year, for no reason other than generosity, and in some small way I’d like to think I’m paying it forward.

So, with this update comes this new post to claim a team on. You can claim any of the remaining teams by leaving a comment on THIS POST, and then, after you’ve done that, sending me your address via my contact form. Gotta leave the comment first though, that’ll be our “time stamp” of sorts for claiming. I just got two more claimed teams over the weekend, the Mariners and Athletics, and those will be going out probably in a week or so. I like to batch them up and send more than 1 or 2 out at a time.