Ok, it’s that time of year again. Time to drum up interest in a card bloggers fantasy baseball league. I’d really like to dissolve my current league and start fresh and I thought I’d put the idea out there in the blogging community to see if anyone is interested.

We’ve had good experiences with the ESPN leagues before, and the mobile app seems to be the best out of the big three, but other than that I’m open to any suggestions regarding league type, draft type, etc.

I was also toying with the idea of cash prize league but I thought I might have a way to make it more interesting. How about this: Each person’s “buy in” is $20. The $20 per person goes towards a card break. $20 x 8 players is $160, x10 is $200 or x12 is $240. That’s more than enough for a box (or two) of some product. At the end of the season, we bust the box(es) with each participant getting their team, minus any hits, which would be “the prize” for winning the league championship. The winner gets the hits, the rest of us get team cards as a consolation prize.

Anyone interested?

Anyone interested in a regular, free, non-card related league instead?