So, crazy idea. I’m seriously considering hosting a group break in January. I wanted to mention it because I need input and suggestions.

First, what do YOU want to break? Obviously, availability and price come into play at some point, but in a perfect world what would you want to open? Do we go retro? Do we stay current? No, I’m not busting 5-Star, so don’t even go there.

Second, how much are you willing to pay for said break? Are we busting 2012 Bowman and GQ at $20 a slot? Are we busting 2007 Flagship at $5 a slot? Give me an idea of what a sweetspot would be.

Third, are you INTERESTED in a break? Is there anything even worth breaking right now?

I’m just looking to gauge general interest. How many people who read this would want “in”? If I get 2 suggestions and no interest, that’s ok, we’ll try again later. If I get 10 people clamoring to bust something, game on!

Discuss amongst yourselves. I’ll be back in January with either a Break announcement, or a post about what I opened for my birthday, lol.

Have a great Christmas everybody!