Alrighty fellas, it’s getting down to the wire so I’m putting out a public appeal for more players. For the past couple years I’ve been GM for an always entertaining Fantasy Baseball League. It’s mostly comprised of family and friends and, just this year, a couple of my fellow card bloggers. For reasons beyond my control, I’ve had a couple players unfortunately unable to play this year. I can relate, my own life is equally crazy, but I want to keep the league running for those especially dull moments over the summer where there’s nothing to do but watch baseball anyway.

So, here’s my public appeal. I NEED two more players. Actually, I could live with just ONE more player and then create some sort of basement dwelling punching bag team so everyone would at least have a win or two, but two would be optimal.

Here’s the basics of the league:

  • ESPN based
  • Default, head to head scoring with minor tweaks (added bonus for things like perfect games or grand slams)
  • Default ESPN rosters/rankings
  • Rosters lock at first game of the day (instead of weekly)
  • Full season schedule with playoffs
  • No buy-in, fees, dues or cost
  • Fun, low-key people who just enjoy baseball, no pressure

If you’re interested in playing in a fun, easy going Fantasy Baseball league, PLEASE let me know ASAP. Our draft is going to be Sunday afternoon. I need to fill at least 1 roster spot by then or I can’t have the draft. With two additional players it’ll bring our league to 8 teams, but if more people are interested, it can be easily expanded to 10 or 12, so don’t feel like there’s only a single spot. We can always get bigger, but I need a minimum to even bother with the draft.

Anyone interested?