So, my main goal at the show, once I realized the sorts of cards I was going to be buying, switched from “buy a couple cool cards” to “completely clean out the $0.25 box”. Well, technically there were multiple boxes of varying amounts of money, but the point is that I gobbled up just about every Red Sox card I came across. I ended up getting 120+ refractors and base cards. That little bit of “personal collection” I’ll save for part 5. This post is about something else all together.

As I wondered through the show I came across a couple interesting cards here and there (don’t get too excited, it’s not another 120+) that I figured someone else might enjoy. Also included (but not highlighted) in the discussion of tradebait is the stuff I pulled from the hobby boxes I bought. I’m still undecided on the Lincecum, but everything else is definitely up for trade. Those cards will be in the gallery at the end of the page, but I won’t bother highlighting them again individually.

Also, please note that 99% of what I bought is some version of a refractor. I don’t think vendors even bothered to bring that many base cards with them. If it looks shiny and reflective, it probably is. I’m also writing this post away from the actual cards themselves, so I don’t know the numbers off the top of the head, but there are a good bunch of these that are serial numbered. If you’d like to know what exactly the number is, just let me know. Alright, lets get started…

First up has got to be the Haren Letterman, that’s kind of a given. #22 out of 25. I’m not 100% sure what the letters spelled out in 2007, but I think it’s their name and the team name. So, this could be the “H” from “Haren” or “atHletics”.

Next, a nice Ryan Zimmerman Bowman’s Best refractor. I think the card gods are trying to tell me to be a Zimmerman fan, I’ve got more random cards of Ryan Zimmerman than just about anyone else.

Jared Weaver, gold version of the refractor. This one is numbered, and I’m pretty sure its out of /99.

Verlander, SP Legendary Cuts jersey swatch. I LOVE this set of cards. I lust after them. I bought this along with my own personal stack of SP LC relics.

Tulowitzki. In my personal opinion, all RC cards should be as cool as that one. Simple, classic, and he looks down right ticked off. Love it. One of the few non-refractors I bought.

I bought this for $0.25, fully realizing everyone on the planet probably already has it. I’ve seen the poster version of this, but never had the card. It was too awesome to not spend the quarter for it.

Another Legendary Cut, see, told you I liked them. David Price RC. He he stays healthy, he’ll make the Rays a contender for quite a while.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Houston, buy cheap Hunter Pence cards. I believe that’s his first minor league card. It’s the “silver” version (of which thousands were printed) and not the “gold” which there are only a couple of, but it’s still cool to have.

Again, cheap Astros cards were bountiful. This one is a Oswalt “UD Reflections”. Never heard of it. Looks pretty cool. I wonder if its some sort of “rainbow” version though. You can’t really tell from the scan, but it’s colors run the whole spectrum. Maybe it’s just what that series looked like. I’ll have to ask my resident Astros fan…

I like how the card says “Russ Martin” even though he clearly signed “Russell” for the reproduction. Classy Topps. Cool picture though.

Ah, maybe he just goes by Russ. That was the first time I had ever noticed that. This one is his RC, all refractory and stuff.

A Bowman Clayton Kershaw from his year on the USA baseball team. I think that was 06 right? Thought it was neat. I’ve got a thing for team USA stuff.

Ah, a more recent one. 2011 Topps Chrome, Ubaldo Jimenez SEPIA refractor. I think these are numbered as well, I just can’t remember what it was to.

I literally bought this because Matt Holliday looks so sad. Cheer up Matt, someone bought your Topps Chrome card!

Cole Hamels Bowman Chrome refractor. Can’t really get much more shiny than that.

Another Dexter Fowler? Didn’t you just have one of those? Yup, but that one was an SP Authentic. This one is a “Piece of History”. It isn’t signed, but it is numbered 90/299.

Last (and probably least), the one and only A.Rod card you’ll probably ever see me post, his Topps Chrome WBC card from ’09. I don’t actually think I bought this one. I think it was stuck to something else. I certainly don’t remember thinking “wow, that’s one I’ve got to have”, it was just in the pile I bought when I got home. Honest.

That’s about it. Nothing too crazy, but a couple good ones in there. It was good to refresh the collection a little bit, and cheap refractors certainly can’t hurt. I’ll post a gallery below, including the cards from the box of Future Stars again as well. Let me know if you see anything you’re interested in.