I took a couple minutes and fired up the scanner and did, at least what I’m considering to be, an awesome thing. I scanned every single one of my hits, parallels and inserts that are up for trade. All of them. Then, because I’m a visual sort of guy, instead of making a spreadsheet and just listing them, I made an image catalog. No joke. It’s now the link for “Cards for Trade” in the sidebar. You can also go directly there by clicking on this link.

That’s everything I’ve got at the moment. I’m sure as I buy more, things will ebb and flow and it will change, but it should be current as of this week.

I did all that to tie into the Great Base Giveaway I mentioned in my previous post. That offer was the catalyst for this and, clearly, still stands.

A couple random points. First off, I took a random pile and took a couple pictures of it, just to serve as an example. I picked the Washington National, one of the “smaller” piles. By my count there are 49 cards in this one. There are a couple dupes (from the Topps base) but it’s mostly singles. This is the kind of thing I’m giving away. If we finish a trade, lets say something small, just a couple parallels or something, YOU get this giant chunk of base in addition to whatever we agree upon.

Let that motivate you to find some good Red Sox stuff 🙂

I have no idea the response this might get, I’ve never done anything like this before. So, there’s a chance that your team might go fast. If you miss out, fear not, I’m completely open to a “regular trade” as well. Conversely, if you’re not interested in a giant pile of base, feel free to say so and leave it for the next guy. You won’t hurt my feelings, I’m just clearing space in my box 🙂

Also, a note about the gallery of trade bait itself. It’s running in a lightbox gallery. To see all the cards in the easiest possible way, click on one of the first ones, wait for the popup to load, then you can click on the left and right sides of the larger image to jump to the next one. The box will automatically resize itself if necessary. Also, each image has additional information in the image description. Numbered cards are also labeled with the actual numbers, no “ebay 1/1” bullshit around here! See below.

Lastly, if you interested in a trade, feel free to either email me at matt at this domain or leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch. Please feel free to spread the word, tell your friends, link to this post and/or the trade bait, whatever you’d like. I hope everyone enjoys the cards and the trade bait catalog. Now let’s get some trades rolling!