Quick Additions

Along with my upgrades to php and mysql, I’m now able to run a few of the more recent wordpress plugins which had required the latest versions. I’ve replaced the MyGamerCard picture with a much more flexible and customizable version from Ardamis. It’s all CSS, links to the correct pages on xbox.com instead of mygamercard.com, and it’s a callable function that I can use elsewhere (like in a post for example) if I wanted to.

Also, I’m toying with LifeStream at the moment as something else to possibly add. My main issues are that I don’t “tweet” so any updates would be things like digging a story on digg, adding a photo to flickr, that sort of thing. That’s all great and wonderful but anything other than pure text (such as a tweet) adds a thumbnail to it. So, instead of:

“Matt dugg [insert story name here]”

it’s: “Matt dugg a story on Digg: [story thumbnail]”

and I think that’s kind of silly. It’s the same for Amazon, Flickr, etc. If I added an item to my Amazon Wish list it comes out as “Matt added an item at Amazon: [large photo]”. I’m trying to find a way to make it just text or just text with links. If it works I’ll let you know.

Matt out.


And we’re back… or at least we should be. If you’re reading this, the site is up and active again.

Server Change

Just a quick heads up. I’m having my host move my account from a server with PHP and MySQL v4 to a new one with v5 of both. There won’t be any physical downtime, but it might take a little while for the DNS to point to the new server. So, if the site disappears for a little bit, it’ll be back shortly.

Live Blogging The Oscars

I’m so late. My bad. Sorry about that. We had a party to get ready for and I had completely forgotten to get the laptop up and running. We’ve got a small group together to kick back and watch the Oscars tonight. Here’s a few of my thoughts (and theirs, just for the hell of it).

Where to start?


Skate Video

I took down the other two smaller videos, combined them into a single video and then added two additional clips. My goal is to upload a clip or two from the game each night and then download them and convert them from FLV to MOV each day. That way, when I hit my clip limit on the skate.reel website, I’ll have all the clips already downloaded and I can upload over the older ones. Eventually, I’d like to build a 5-10 minute video, just for shits and giggles.

Anyway, here’s a comp of 4 different clips. All unedited obviously (from the “pop-ins” and whatnot). I won’t bore anyone with daily uploads, but I’ll post the final one once I have a few minutes worth. But, for now, enjoy…


What do you think? Worth continuing?