I’m so late. My bad. Sorry about that. We had a party to get ready for and I had completely forgotten to get the laptop up and running. We’ve got a small group together to kick back and watch the Oscars tonight. Here’s a few of my thoughts (and theirs, just for the hell of it).

Where to start?

Jackman can’t sing. Panelope Cruiz looking like she hasn’t slept in about a year.

9:02 –  Ben Stiller as Joaquin Pheonix was fucking awesome.

9:04 – Who’s the skeleton talking about Josh Brogen?

9:05 – Cuba said “black face”. Ha.

9:06 – I didn’t think Christopher Walken could actually look any creepy

9:07 – Ledger shouldn’t win for being dead, he should win because he was fucking fantastic in that movie. And the winner is…

9:08 – Ledger, fuck yes.

9:10 – Nice speech from the Ledger family. Very classy.

9:13 – Bill Mahr hasn’t been funny in years. It’s just painful to watch. Much like Jackman’s singing.

9:17 – Bill is a douche.

9:17 – Man, I’m doing crappy in our “pick’em pool

9:19 – Is it just me or is the statue as the “1” in “81” not really working. Looks like the “8th” Academy Awards.

9:26 – I’d like Ironman or Batman to get visual effects, but I know they’ll give it to Button… and they did.

9:30 – Sound Mixing, the supermen of… post, yeah, this joke isnt working.

9:31 – I had no idea Wanted was nominated for anything, let alone a couple things. That wasn’t exactly an Oscar quality movie.

9:33 – I love it when the award winners actually sound sincere. Good for the Slumdog guy.

9:34 – Did Will Smith replace Hugh Jackman, cause, I’m OK with that if he has. He’s been up there long enough, might as well.

9:36 – Slumdog’s editor looks like Moby.

9:37 – Non Oscar related: We got a case of “real” Coke, from Mexico, that’s still made with real cane sugar. It’s epic. It’s like a Coke commercial in here.

9:40 – The cheese sticks are ready and have come out of the oven. Have you accepted cheeses into you life?

9:42 – Coldplay must be stopped. Seriously.

9:45 – Anothony Hopkins looks like a turtle. A creepy, very very old turtle.

9:43 – Note to self, cheese is hot. It’s probably whats in the center of the earth.

9:55 – I wonder if the Indian guy is also going to do the songs from Wall-E, lol

9:58 – [Dane] Why do you assume Wall-E is a white robot? He could be a brotha. [All] ROFL!

10:08 – I’ve got nothing, it’s been 10 solid minutes of commercials. I updated my netflix queue in the meantime. Anyone else realize that Tarentino’s new movie Inglorious Bastards, is a remake? I had no idea.

10:12 – Micheal Crichton died? Really? How did I miss that???

10:16 – Diet Coke makes me angry.

10:18 – My wife just told me I’m like Kermit the frog, and not to be sad. I was yelling at the new Apple laptop ad. The battery DOES NOT last 8 hours. That’s a giant load of horse crap. I have half a battery left and it’s been on for just over an hour. It’ll be dead by 11. Sorry /end soap box.

10:21 – Yah! Danny Boyle, I’ve always like Trainspotting, but I always forget he did 28 Days Later.

10:26 – Both Sophia Loren and Nicole Kidmen looks terrible. Seriously creepy. Like the walking dead.

10:30 – Sophia Loren is seriously fucking creepy. Enough so that I needed to mention is twice.

10:33 – It would have been totally awesome for some ass to have wistled from the other side of the theater. I would have laughed my ass off.

10:35 – Did Kate Winslett just tell Meryl Streep to suck it?!?!

10:37 – The all-star guys are much more impressive than the ladies.

10:39 – DeNiro – How did Sean Penn get all those jobs playing strait men? ahahahah!

10:41 – Anothony Hopkins – British to English translation: “I don’t want to be up here, can I sit down now?”

10:43 – The entire room just groaned that Sean Penn won.

10:53 – And the entire room cheers for Slumdog. And I agree, it was an awesome movie.

10:56 – Back to being social at our party. That was fun. We’ll have to discuss in depth tomorrow.

Say G’night Matt. “G’night Matt”