I’ve got to say something real quick. I don’t know if it’s the New England cynicism that I’ve somehow escaped by not living there for the past few years, or maybe people are just having a bad week or what, but what the hell is with all the Jason Veritek hate? Especially from that rag, the Boston Herald. Nearly ever article has a slant and every comment is nasty. What the hell? Did I miss something? Yeah, he’s getting older, but he’s won you assholes two World Series trophies, played in MORE games than Carlton Fisk, beat up A.Rod and has been the single most loyal player to the Red Sox franchise in the past 30 years. Seriously? You want him to go? Who’s going to catch for you then? The rookie, Josh Bard? Really?

Listen, I realize he’d having a hard time at the plate. I realize his 2nd-base throw-out percentage is getting lower, but you know what, he’s NEVER let us down back there. He caught Shilling’s bloody sock night. He caught Beckett, Pedro, Shilling AND Dice-K in the World Series. That is not an easy thing to do. His number will be retired right along side Fisk and Williams and Yaz. And, when he finally does retire, I’d say it’s a pretty good bet that he’ll be the new catching coach shortly there-after.

Maybe I’m over estimating the “intangibles” as some sports reporters would put it. Maybe what he offers is only mediocre catching and a little leadership. Let me put it to you this way: I would rather have 20 Jason Veriteks in my club house, and come in 3 in the AL East, than a bunch of fucking ass-clown All Stars and win another banner. I’m serious. Sometimes loyalty and character are worth more than batting percentages.

I have more respect for that man as a player than any other player in the major leagues. Name me ONE other player that’s played for only one team for more than 5 years, let alone 12. He is THE Red Sox franchise player of this generation. He’s my captain, he’s your captain, now fucking deal with it.

I’m looking forward to this season. A lot. Complete with Tek behind the plate, where he should be.

That is all.

Root Canal

As I mentioned before, I’m in need of a root canal. More specifically, it’s going to happen today, in just a few hours. I’ve never had a root canal before and I’m more than a bit nervous about it. When googled and thusly described by the appropriate Wiki page, which in retrospect seems like a bad idea now, it seems like some sort of medieval torture. They drill down, into your roots, take a tiny needle sized file and REMOVE your nerve, then fill it with some sort of goo. The article was more than likely written by the ADA or a dentist because it mentions on various occasions how this is completely painless since normally, the root is already dead.


Nothing, and I mean nothing, about anything that profession pretends to do for you has ever been or ever will be “painless”. Dentists say going to the dentist is painless for two reasons. A: to make you feel like a complete pussy (and therefor less likely to complain) when it actually does start to hurt and B: so that people who apparently blacked the entire experience out, can say to all their friends that “it really wasn’t that bad” and feel all macho about not remembering it.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike dentists.

Oh, and I’m a bleeder.

I can’t wait. Actually, yes, yes I can wait.

Gears of War 2

For the past few days I’ve been trying to wrap up my thoughts on Gears 2. Without a doubt it’s worthy of the title and succession to the Gears crown. It’s a marked improvement in almost every way. However, the larger questions remain. Does it have substance as well as flash? Does it have a plot or is it a 10 hour Mountain Dew commercial? How does it stack up against others in the FPS cannon? Read on my friends, read on.


MacBook Pro Review

You knew this was coming. The most up-to-date piece of technology in my personal arsenal just had to get reviewed. It’s not all sunshine and apple pies however. There are some serious issues that Apple HQ needs to address.