As I mentioned before, I’m in need of a root canal. More specifically, it’s going to happen today, in just a few hours. I’ve never had a root canal before and I’m more than a bit nervous about it. When googled and thusly described by the appropriate Wiki page, which in retrospect seems like a bad idea now, it seems like some sort of medieval torture. They drill down, into your roots, take a tiny needle sized file and REMOVE your nerve, then fill it with some sort of goo. The article was more than likely written by the ADA or a dentist because it mentions on various occasions how this is completely painless since normally, the root is already dead.


Nothing, and I mean nothing, about anything that profession pretends to do for you has ever been or ever will be “painless”. Dentists say going to the dentist is painless for two reasons. A: to make you feel like a complete pussy (and therefor less likely to complain) when it actually does start to hurt and B: so that people who apparently blacked the entire experience out, can say to all their friends that “it really wasn’t that bad” and feel all macho about not remembering it.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike dentists.

Oh, and I’m a bleeder.

I can’t wait. Actually, yes, yes I can wait.