Apparently the term “save skate video” isn’t quite exact enough to make finding any sort of help on the subject likely. All I was trying to do is save the embedded flash movie to a more useable format. NONE of the 400 billion firefox extensions for saving flash movies worked. It seems that the dark overlords of EA Games decided to deeply entrench their movie playing goodness deep inside a rediculous number of nested windows and players. What you’re seeing in the post before this is merely the top layer. That grabs some ASP page, which in tern grabs the player, which grabs the movie. That’s all fine and dandy for embedding video, it works quite well. However, since EA in their infinite wisdom has limited the total number of video clips a user can upload into their system before erasing old ones, that makes it fairly hard to build up a collection. So, for no other reason than petty vanity, I tried to SAVE on of these videos. That simply isn’t happening. Looking to Google for help didn’t turn out so well either. Thankfully, that’s where community sites come in. Buried deep down in community forums is where internet travelers like myself find the juiciest bits of information. In this case it was a link to the Skate Reel Video Converter from the nice folks at Skate.This. Now I can save my videos as any one of the popular video formats with minimal fuss. Huzzah.