My collectors edition of Halo 3 is here… and it’s all fucked up. Apparently, rumors that had been circulating last week about the packaging being “weak” were indeed true. The measly plastic knobs that hold the CDs within the metal tin are truly pathetic and as soon as I opened the box from Amazon I could hear the disks rattling around. Both disks are scratched beyond playability. This wasn’t exactly Amazon’s fault, but the “customer service” lady bore my full and unending wrath. With little choice the world’s largest online retailer is indeed sending me another copy, overnight, and it had best arrive unscathed or I’ll personally fly to Washington and start beating Bungie marketing department employees. Stupid fucking tin. Who orders a tin these days? DAMNIT!

On a completely related side note, the game, being played via my boss’ copy, is truly awesome. I got a good 3 hours in last night. He let me borrow his copy for the evening because he hadn’t plans and wouldn’t be playing it and mine hadn’t arrived yet. I’ll elaborate more on this when I get to play it in-depth with MY copy.