The great American novel

Anyone ever wanted to write a novel? I have, on a daily basis, been thinking about doing just that. Something about spies, black-ops, explosions, that sort of thing. In case you haven’t noticed the “Now Reading” sidebar, I’m on a bit of a spy/thriller novel kick. I have been for the past 3 years. So, thinking in my head that I’m a far better writer than I actually am, I’m adding “write a spy novel” to the list of things to do before I die. Not that I’m going to get around to it any time soon. Writing something like that is the sort of thing you do when you’re 65 and retired. I don’t know why I felt like mentioning that, it really has no bearing on anything at all.  Except maybe to illustrate that while I have grandiose plans, I rarely actually accomplish anything. Plans, like those for SavvyNation.

To be blunt, I don’t have the voice for radio. Hell, I don’t even have the face for radio, let alone the voice. I tried several recording of myself talking about various things and none of them seemed post worthy. It’s a terribly sad realization that you sound like an aggravating 12 year old with a nasal sounding voice and a bad habit for saying “ummmmmm….”, especially when that opinion is coming from yourself. Let’s just say that I hate my own voice and wouldn’t force anyone to listen to it.

So, what’s the fall back plan? Not much. Instead of posting a review for a movie/game/thingamabob here, I’ll post it there and direct people to it via a link from here. Something to the effect of “oh, by the way, check out SavvyNation to see what I thought of (insert newest thing here)”.

I can’t really think of anything else to do with it. Sad, I know. So, scratch “have a radio/podcast show” off my lifetime to-do list and insert “write a book”. It seems far more likely I’ll be able to annoy the world with words than I will with speech.

Matt out

Still broken

Apparently, even with an upgrade for K2 and a plugin problem workaround, it’s still horribly mangled. Since the developers of K2 have moved on to other things, so shall I. I guess this kinda forces my hand at yet another redesign. Something a bit more compatible with the new WP widget system. We’ll see what I can come up with on Monday. Until then, enjoy this rather lack-luster theme.

UPDATE: Yup, you guessed it. Still broken. It seems like none of my themes, plugins, archives, etc even remotely like WP2.2. Awesome. I didn’t end up coming up with anything that would work as a theme, especially one that would be compatible with the new widget system, which seems to be 99% of the problem with this release. I’ll have to work on it more over the next week or so. Chip also gave me a heads up that the theme I was using temporarily wasn’t able to submit comments, so, now we’re back to the rather pathetic default theme for the moment. It seems to be the only one anything will work with.

Bad day

It’s one of those days.

Apparently, upgrading to WP 2.2 breaks the K2 theme and all of it’s goodness. Nice.

You know what my problem is…

Don’t answer that.

My problem is that I read sites like StyleBoost, CSS Mania  and Light-On-Dark way too much. As someone who doesn’t so much “design websites” as “tinkers in Photoshop”, it’s really hard to see all the great styles and ideas out there and then try and design a site of my own. I see stuff like Nagle’s “Roots and Shoots” and other vector and nature based designs and I think “that’s kinda cool, I’d like to design something like that”. Then I open Illustrator, play around for an hour, make a “root” and go to bed. The next day I see something dark and glossy and I think I’d like to do that. Then something kinda retro and collage/vintage/distressed looking. Then something really minimal and techy. It’s a never ending cycle.

While I appreciate the inspiration, I’m never getting anything done. I constantly see something else cool that I’d like to try and do. Then I abandon whatever design I had and start over. Do you know how many unfinished (read: barely started) website designs and PSD files I have in my “ideas for websites” folder? 67. How many of those actually became a website at some point? 2.

Alas. That’s the great thing about the internet. There’s anyways something new to look at. Some day I’m going to stop designing pages in Photoshop and just start creating WordPress templates that I can change with my mood. That way I can change my site daily and never be unhappy with it.

Cooking for Geeks: Lesson 1 – Ribs

Today we’re going to try something a little different. Today is the first installment of a little How-To series I’m going to call “Cooking for Geeks”. The common misconception about geeks, like myself, is that they’re not “manly men” and certainly not fit to man a grill at your next barbecue. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While I don’t do much “baking” around our house, I’m certainly no stranger to cooking. Actually, it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve become a cooking junkie, even entertaining the idea of entering something like “Food Networks Next Big Star”. Out of all the things I cook, it’s what I grill that I’m most proud of. I’ve memorized cooking time tables for all the grilling basics. Knowing exactly how long to grill something, what temperature to do it at, how many times to flip it, etc, are all skills us geeks can excel at.

The dish I’m most proud of are my baby-back ribs, Texas style, and that’s what we’re going to be cooking today.

Photos, directions and conversation after the jump…