Apparently, even with an upgrade for K2 and a plugin problem workaround, it’s still horribly mangled. Since the developers of K2 have moved on to other things, so shall I. I guess this kinda forces my hand at yet another redesign. Something a bit more compatible with the new WP widget system. We’ll see what I can come up with on Monday. Until then, enjoy this rather lack-luster theme.

UPDATE: Yup, you guessed it. Still broken. It seems like none of my themes, plugins, archives, etc even remotely like WP2.2. Awesome. I didn’t end up coming up with anything that would work as a theme, especially one that would be compatible with the new widget system, which seems to be 99% of the problem with this release. I’ll have to work on it more over the next week or so. Chip also gave me a heads up that the theme I was using temporarily wasn’t able to submit comments, so, now we’re back to the rather pathetic default theme for the moment. It seems to be the only one anything will work with.