Don’t answer that.

My problem is that I read sites like StyleBoost, CSS Mania  and Light-On-Dark way too much. As someone who doesn’t so much “design websites” as “tinkers in Photoshop”, it’s really hard to see all the great styles and ideas out there and then try and design a site of my own. I see stuff like Nagle’s “Roots and Shoots” and other vector and nature based designs and I think “that’s kinda cool, I’d like to design something like that”. Then I open Illustrator, play around for an hour, make a “root” and go to bed. The next day I see something dark and glossy and I think I’d like to do that. Then something kinda retro and collage/vintage/distressed looking. Then something really minimal and techy. It’s a never ending cycle.

While I appreciate the inspiration, I’m never getting anything done. I constantly see something else cool that I’d like to try and do. Then I abandon whatever design I had and start over. Do you know how many unfinished (read: barely started) website designs and PSD files I have in my “ideas for websites” folder? 67. How many of those actually became a website at some point? 2.

Alas. That’s the great thing about the internet. There’s anyways something new to look at. Some day I’m going to stop designing pages in Photoshop and just start creating WordPress templates that I can change with my mood. That way I can change my site daily and never be unhappy with it.