We just got in last night and after the crazy flights we had, I was glad to be home.

We had gotten stuck in Manchester because our plane had “mechanical problems”, which always instills confidence in your travel provider. Apparently it was nothing major, something about the water system not working and the plane was going from there, to Baltimore, to San Diego, and they didn’t want to make a 7 hour flight without water. I can’t really blame them.

That threw off our connection in Baltimore, which they had to reschedule for us, getting us in 3 hours late. I suppose it was better than not getting home at all, which, based on our last landing, was a distinct possibility with Southwest. I swear, those people couldn’t land a plane smoothly if lives depended on it…. which they kinda do. I can’t remember if we bounced three times or four, but my money is on four.

As for the remainder of our vacation, it was nice and relaxing. I say that as if we had a choice. Having not rented a car, we were resigned to be at everyone else’s mercy in terms of schedule. We did have some fun though. We wondered around the lakes region. I’ve got a shit-ton of pictures to go through and post that I think you guys will like.

Christmas was also nice. I think that goes without saying. But having an old fashioned family Christmas was just what I needed.

I got a Sansa, what loot did you guys pick up? lol.