It’s been a long two months. Here in Texas its gone from unbearably hot to mildly aggravating. Now we’re getting into the rainy season and, since everything is bigger in Texas, the storms are frequent and violent. This afternoon we’ve lost power twice already. I worry about making this post so I’m typing as quickly as I can.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch The Departed. I’m not quite sure I can give the movie a high enough mark to properly describe it’s brilliance. There’s no question that Scorsese is at the top of his game. That was the best ending I’ve seen to a movie since The Usual Suspects.

On the job front, although I can’t go into specifics, I’m currently checking out alternatives to my current employment. Not by shear choice of my own, but at my employer’s suggestion. Apparently the books look a little lean.

I have hope for a few possibilities I’ve found. One actually involves working for the Army Intelligence branch in a quasi-secretive fashion. That’s definitely something I can’t give you details on.

We’ve also found a new church home that, for the first time, I actually enjoy going to. The people are extremely friendly, the sermon isn’t heavy handed, everyone is laid back and really upbeat. It’s quite a nice change of pace. We’ve made quite a few friends and actually enjoy spending time with them outside of church. Most “church friends” aren’t the kind of folks I’d invite over for a BBQ, but these people seem to be an exception to the rule.

So, it’s mostly a job hunt around here lately. There’s also a small photo project I’ve taken on, just for myself, to chronicle life here in Texas. I’m hoping I can make it into a book and bring copies up north for the holidays.

Actually, that brings up a good point. I’m coming home for X-mas. I’ll be back in New England the day before my birthday until a day or two before New Years. A nice long break.

I tried to clear that trip with work, only to get a tentative “we’ll see, I guess it’s ok” answer, but, in all honesty, I’m hoping to no longer be there by the time this trip rolls around. Even if I’m not, it’s not something I going to fight my boss about. I’m going, they can just deal with it. I’ve worked too long and too hard to even be questioned about time off. After three years, if they don’t see the value in me as an employee and can’t seem to find it acceptable that I take one week off a year, then that’s not some place I want to work at any more.

Other projects I’m thinking about are an audio podcast for SavvyNation and trying a review/web tidbit site with Chris. I’d really like to get others involved the audio production, mostly because I doubt I have a great “radio voice” and it’s always nice to have some color commentary to back you up.

We’ll see how that goes. I wouldn’t be holding your breath or anything.

Ok, gotta run, the house is shacking with thunder, probably a good time to shut down the PC.

Matt out.