My Turkey Day

Its been a pretty good Thanksgiving here. The whole family had the traditional Texan feast of Cajun fried turkey and sweet potatoes. Very tasty. Now we’re taking a break between dinner and desert and watching Batman Begins while the ladies are sifting through ads for tomorrow black friday sales.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Later.

It lives

It’s not like it’s the story of the century, we’re not releasing a new iPod or anything but….



So many things…

Have I bitched about having so many things I wanted to do before? I think I have. And did I mention my complete lack of motivation for any of them? Probably. Well, Lauren and I were talking over dinner last night and she suggested I divide the things I want to do into categories and then pick 1 and don’t start another until I finish it. As she pointed out, I have Monday’s all to myself and could do any of this if I really wanted to. She’s right of course, she’s always more practical than I am. So, here goes. This is a list, mostly for myself, based on cost, time and priority.

-Mod a keyboard. $5 in paint and an hour or two in drying time.
-Update this page with a better theme
-Finish my Drupal install (that Chris helped me start, thanks Chris!)
-Design a layout for Chris’ new page
-Adjust TCC logo’s for tshirt printing and submit them

Under $50/Medium Length (day or two):
-Register and setup new domain (secret project)
-Mod my Xbox (mod chip + new hard drive)
-Mod my 2nd case (basic mod, paint only)
-Redesign TCC page

Expensive/Time Consuming:
-Design afor mentioned secret project (free but time consuming)
-Heavily RE-Mod my current case (going all out this time)
-Build a car-puter/mp3 player
-Build a HTPC for the living room (cross off if Xbox mod is successful)

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there’s more in the back of my head somewhere… Now, where should I start???


Its kind of weird, this whole process. At the moment I’m waiting in a hall way with 20 other people, some of them jurors for other cases, some of them lawyers, some of them the people they’re defending. What’s weird is that more than likely the person who’s trial we might hear is probably nearby. How mess up would it be if the person sitting across from me was the person who’s fate I’m deciding. Weirdness. You’d figure they wouldn’t mix jurors, whitnesses, lawyers and defendents all in on place.