Have I bitched about having so many things I wanted to do before? I think I have. And did I mention my complete lack of motivation for any of them? Probably. Well, Lauren and I were talking over dinner last night and she suggested I divide the things I want to do into categories and then pick 1 and don’t start another until I finish it. As she pointed out, I have Monday’s all to myself and could do any of this if I really wanted to. She’s right of course, she’s always more practical than I am. So, here goes. This is a list, mostly for myself, based on cost, time and priority.

-Mod a keyboard. $5 in paint and an hour or two in drying time.
-Update this page with a better theme
-Finish my Drupal install (that Chris helped me start, thanks Chris!)
-Design a layout for Chris’ new page
-Adjust TCC logo’s for tshirt printing and submit them

Under $50/Medium Length (day or two):
-Register and setup new domain (secret project)
-Mod my Xbox (mod chip + new hard drive)
-Mod my 2nd case (basic mod, paint only)
-Redesign TCC page

Expensive/Time Consuming:
-Design afor mentioned secret project (free but time consuming)
-Heavily RE-Mod my current case (going all out this time)
-Build a car-puter/mp3 player
-Build a HTPC for the living room (cross off if Xbox mod is successful)

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there’s more in the back of my head somewhere… Now, where should I start???